What is a vindictive person like?

A person described as vindictive is usually someone who holds a grudge and who always tries to get back at people who they think have wronged them in some way. Vindictive people retaliate against others for any insult or perceived slight.

Are Narcissists spiteful?

Those high in narcissism may use punishment as a form of covert aggression to assert social dominance. P’s high in vulnerable narcissism favored more spiteful punishment regardless of self-threat. Grandiose narcissism was un-related to the endorsement of spiteful punishment.

What kind of person is vengeful?

A vengeful person is out for revenge. You might have noticed that the words vengeful and revenge look somewhat similar. That’s because their meanings are. The word vengeful is used to describe the feelings of revenge someone has toward another person or group who has done them wrong in the past.

What causes a person to seek revenge?

People are motivated to seek revenge — to harm someone who has harmed them — when they feel attacked, mistreated or socially rejected. Getting an eye for an eye, Old Testament-style, is thought to bring a sense of catharsis and closure. Evolutionary psychologists believe we are hard-wired for revenge.

How do you deal with a vengeful person?

Coping with vindictiveness in your relationship

  1. Set boundaries.
  2. Vocalize your terms or boundaries.
  3. Don’t second-guess yourself.
  4. Try not to internalize.
  5. Shelter from their anger.
  6. Develop a safety plan.
  7. Consider asking for help.
  8. Suggest they seek help.

How do I become less vindictive?

If you are feeling vindictive, stop, take a breather. Try to calm yourself and back away from any tendencies to want to cause trouble. Those angry thoughts should pass before you can act on them. Think as logically as you can and put emotions aside.

What happens if you expose a narcissist?

When a narcissist’s position has been exposed as false, arbitrary, or untenable, he will suddenly become evasive, articulate half-truths, lie, flat-out contradict themselves and freely rewrite history (making things up as they go along). This is why at such times they don’t seem like adults so much as 6-year-olds.

Is it bad to be a vengeful person?

It is inherently unhealthy because it takes a psychological and physical toll on the person. Venting those feelings of anger and hostility does not decrease those feelings,” he said. “It may give you a cathartic feeling, but it doesn’t last.” Revenge spawns an endless cycle of retribution.

How do you get rid of a vindictive person?

The best ways to manage a vindictive person is:

  1. Don’t buy into their gossip or attempts to turn you against another person.
  2. Encourage positivity and proactive approaches to life.
  3. Disengage with vindictive and negative people – they will only destroy your mojo as well as the person that is their target.

Why do narcissists get revenge?

Narcissists lack empathy and attention for others. They don’t understand how their actions impact other people. Subsequently, when they hurt you, they don’t truly realize that it hurts! Even though seeking revenge may feel good for a moment, you may experience extreme guilt, shame, and self-loathing afterward.