What is a Spartan beard?

Spartan main falling on the shoulders, with a long beard It is a look that lets the hair grow down below the shoulders, but not much more below that.

How do you shape a Viking beard?

As a general rule though, it’s best to trim heavily around the cheeks and lightly on the chin. Hardline cutting or trimming is a big no-no. Allow your beard to grow a little bit longer than your jaw or chin naturally, then trim back. This one’s big, bushy, and wild, just like how real Vikings liked it.

How long does it take to grow a Spartan beard?

It generally takes up to six months to go grow a Viking beard, with hair growing an average of ½ inch per month. During this time, you should avoid shaving and trimming, but do take care of any ingrown hairs and be sure to use beard shampoo and moisturise regularly.

Did Spartan warriors have long hair?

It was widely know in Ancient and Classical Greece, that Spartan Warriors had long hair, which they treated well, before each battle. On the contrary, Athenians favored the clean-shaven head for the Military and young children. It was more healthy, you see.

Who is the beard struggle guy?

Ambassador Stian Bjørnes
Meet our Viking Ambassador Stian Bjørnes , be sure to comment if you have any questions you would like him to answer.

How do you get Jax Teller’s beard?

How To Grow A Jax Teller Beard

  1. The chin line needs to be completely straight, with virtually no hair on the cheeks.
  2. The moustache needs to connect down to the beard line, therefore you need to be careful when going over the cheekline not to trim off this required line of hair on either side of the mouth.

How to style a Spartan beard?

Use the best beard trimmer to style it by shaping the side hair on your face in a square shape, just like the short boxed style. Keep the below pictures of Gerard Butler (300 Movie fame) handy and shape your beard until you achieve the desired spartan beard.

How to style a 300 beard look?

As soon as you start to notice that you are getting and acquiring a full-length beard. Then, take this as a hint that you have to move yourself to start styling the 300 beard look. Moreover, you should make use of the beard trimmer in order to perfectly style this beard.

Does Gerard Butler have a Spartan beard style?

This Spartan beard style and love for Gerard Butler, they just go hand in hand. To begin with, if you have watched the film ” 300 ”, then you must have noticed that the exclusive beard style portrayed and flaunted by Gerard Butler.