What is a Scotts Accugreen 3000?

Seed or Fertilizer spreader holds up to 10,000 sq. ft of fertilizer. Increased handle length with foam grip. Shutoff bar design with locking release lever.

What do spreader numbers mean?

A spreader setting is the rate in which you apply product to your lawn. Each Jonathan Green product has recommended rates of application and coverage based on bag size. The application rate is defined as the amount of material applied per unit area of land.

What type of lawn spreader is best?

Broadcast spreaders are the most efficient as they provide good lawn coverage. This opens in a new window. It should be noted that a broadcast spreader spreads granular product or grass seed at the rate you walk at.

What type of spreader do I need for my Tractor?

The tractor type units are cone type broadcast spreaders, fertilizer spreaders designed and sized appropriately for tractors, and mount to the 3 point hitch, and are powered by the power take off, (PTO) shaft from the tractor. Fertilizer spreaders of this type are our specialty at Everything Attachments.

What is the best cone type broadcast spreader?

Tractor 3 Point hitch, PTO driven Fertilizer Spreaders from Farm-Max, are one of the best Cone Type Broadcast Spreaders for seeds, fertilizer, pelletized lime, and for coarse road sand and road salt, with the optional Salt and Sand Kit, or for specific control of a flow path, with a directional bander kit.

How does a fertilizer spreader work?

Most fertilizer spreaders have adjustments to control the direction of the material that is thrown from the spreader. All broadcast spreaders require some form of power to spin the disk. On tow behind units, the turning wheels are the ground drive for the gear box to spin the disk. A tractor, 3 point hitch mounted unit is PTO driven.

Is a tractor TRACTOR spreader PTO or PTO driven?

A tractor, 3 point hitch mounted unit is PTO driven. Get more life out of your fertilizer spreader by making sure you clean,wash, and oil it after EVERY use, and store it in the dry, or covered. Everything attachments is the online source for durable, high quality, Cone Type, Broadcast Spreaders.