What is a R-rawl-sc40 Nailer?

This tool is extremely ergonomic and comforta R-RAWL-SC40 2nd generation gas powered nailer from Rawlplug brings changes for improved key tool parameters. System designed for cleaning and deep resin dosing enables proper cleaning of deep holes and fillin…

What happened to the Rawlplug company?

The Rawlplug Company sold products in the United States under the name of Rawl and became the number one seller of concrete fasteners in the 1940’s and 1950’s. Over the years, many new competitors have entered the market. Powers Fasteners bought Rawl Company in the United States.

What are the specs of a 2720 trailer?

Specifications Model 2720 QB (Bed) QS (Sofa) QD (Dinette) Trailer Size Open 27′ 27′ 27′ Towing Length Closed 20′ 20′ 20′ Body Length Open 24’4″ 24’4″ 24’4″ Outside Height Closed 79.5″ 79.5″ 79.5″

What is the et-2720 and why should I buy it?

The ET-2720 is aimed squarely at the family of 4-6 with kids in school, maybe a mom or dad who prints reports for work, and the occasional picture from your phone or tablet. And it does a great job of doing that.