What is a humanoid robot?

• A light-weight, human-size and low- cost developing humanoid robot • The humanoid robot is named Saika (“outstanding intelligence” in Japanese). • Two-DOF neck, dual five-DOF upper arms, a torso and a head. • Several types of hands and forearms are developed.

What is the H2 robot?

The H2 robot is a design/build project of Faustex Systems Corporation as part of an overall humanoid robotics technology development effort. Commission your own custom robot. You’re invited on over to Faustex to find out more about the company that develops some of the coolest robots ever.

What are the different types of robots?

1. Robot puppets: theatres, museums, theme parks, Disneyworld 2. Tele-operated robots: movie industry, military, NASA 3. Kinetic sculptures 4. Autonomous robots 5. Intelligent autonomous robots (Care-bots) Honda Robot •In 1986 , Honda commenced the humanoid robot research and development program.

What is the hyperkinetic humanoid?

Commercial: The Hyperkinetic Humanoid (H2-X) Robot Project THE WORLD’S MOST ADVANCED MARTIAL ARTS ROBOT IS ALSO A MAJOR PERFORMANCE ARTIST The machine is faster and tougher than a human, yet is surprisingly safe. H2 is expressing its general potential to do human feats ranging from common tasks to performance arts such music, dance, and theatre.