What is a concrete wing wall?

What are Wing Walls? A wing wall is a little bit like a giant retaining wall that helps with a transition in grade in the yard. The wall will normally start at the corner of the house and descend in a downward slope from the main level of the house to the basement level.

How do you measure wing walls?

For example, a wingwall on a 2:1 slope, multiply the Step 7 value by 2. Divide the result of Step 8 by the SIN value of the result of Step 4. The answer is the wingwall length at one corner of the bridge. Repeat Steps 1 through 9 for each corner of the bridge to determine all 4 wingwall lengths.

What is curtain wall in box culvert?

Curtain Wall Reinforcement: The wall which is constructed below the box in a Box Culvert is called as Curtain wall or pin wall. This wall provides stability to the box.

What is the difference between wing wall and abutment?

An abutment is a substructure unit located at the end of a bridge. Wingwalls are also located at the ends of a bridge. Their function is only to retain the approach roadway embankment and not to provide end support for the bridge.

What are the types of wing wall?

Classification of wing walls

  • Straight wing walls: used for small bridges, on drains with low banks and for railway bridges in cities (weep holes are provided).
  • Splayed wing walls: used for bridges across rivers.
  • Return wing walls: used where banks are high and hard or firm.

What are the different types of wing walls?

What is abutment in culvert?

The end supports of a bridge superstructure are known as abutments. The top surface of abutment is made flat for girder bridges or semi-circular arch bridges but provided with skewbacks if the bridge arches are segmental or elliptical.

What is return wing wall?

Return wing walls: used where banks are high and hard or firm. Their top width is 1.5 m and face is vertical and back battered 1 in 4. Scour can be a problem for wing walls and abutments both, as the water in the stream erodes the supporting soil.

What is a wing wall in construction?

What is a Wing Wall? Wing walls are similar to retaining walls connected to homes, bridges, and other structures and act as a retaining wall to facilitate a quick transition in grade elevation. Wing walls extend from an existing structural foundation wall and act as a large retaining wall.