What is a COM application?

Component Object Model (COM) is a binary-interface standard for software components introduced by Microsoft in 1993. COM is an interface technology defined and implemented as standard only on Microsoft Windows and Apple’s Core Foundation 1.3 and later plug-in application programming interface (API).

What is a COM server?

A COM server is any object that provides services to clients; these services are in the form of COM interface implementations that can be called by any client that is able to get a pointer to one of the interfaces on the server object.

What is the COM interface?

A COM interface refers to a predefined group of related functions that a COM class implements, but a specific interface does not necessarily represent all the functions that the class supports. Interfaces and Interface Implementations. Interface Pointers and Interfaces. IUnknown and Interface Inheritance.

How is COM implemented?

Actually, COM is implemented by OLE32. dll which exposes a “c” api called CoCreateInstance. The app passed CoCreateInstance a GUID, which it looks up in the windows registry – which has a DB of GUID -> “path to dll” mappings.

Do people still use COM?

One (COM) is a method of sharing binary data between languages and platforms and the other (. NET) is a framework implemented by Microsoft (and others….) languages. COM is still used today but most programmers I know consider COM to be legacy stuff and I tend to agree.

What is a COM class?

A COM class is an implementation of a group of interfaces in code executed whenever you interact with a given object. COM is designed to allow a class to be used by different applications, including applications written without knowledge of that particular class’s existence.

Where do COM clients and servers apply?

A client usually does not share any of its resources, but it requests content or service from a server. Clients, therefore, initiate communication sessions with servers, which await incoming requests. Examples of computer applications that use the client–server model are email, network printing, and the World Wide Web.

How do I find a COM server?

Open the DOS interface of your computer by typing the letters “cmd” into the “Open” field of the run menu. After you press enter, a new window should open which includes the DOS command prompt. In this window, type “Hostname” and press the enter key. Your computer’s server name should appear.

What is Windows COM application?

The Microsoft Component Object Model (COM) is a platform-independent, distributed, object-oriented system for creating binary software components that can interact. COM is the foundation technology for Microsoft’s OLE (compound documents), ActiveX (Internet-enabled components), as well as others.

How do clients access COM objects?

A COM object exposes a set of interfaces that the COM client uses to access the services of the object. The client must communicate with a COM object through its interfaces. In the COM paradigm, the client never operates on a reference to an object, but only on a reference to one of its interfaces.

What is PowerShell COM?

ComObject, or plain COM, increases the range of PowerShell activities. One way of looking at COM objects is as a mechanism for PowerShell to launch programs, for example, mimicking the RUN command. The bonus of using PowerShell rather than VBScript is that you need fewer commands.

Where are COM objects stored?

That means, whenever you create an object as static or local, it gets stored in heap. All the class variable primitive or object references (which is just a pointer to location where object is stored i.e. heap) are also stored in heap.

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