What have you learned from Glo-bus?

GLO-BUS, said Kioko, helps students learn the four functions of management: planning, organizing, leading and control. Marketed by McGraw-Hill Education, it has been used by nearly 32,000 students in 29 different countries in the last year.

How does glo bus increase net revenue?

One way to boost ROE is to pursue actions that will raise net profits (the numerator in the formula for calculating ROE). A second means of boosting ROE is to repurchase shares of stock, which has the effect of reducing shareholders’ equity investment in the company (the denominator in the ROE calculation).

How can I increase my Globus net income?

One way to boost EPS is to pursue actions that will raise net income (the numerator in the formula for calculating EPS). A second means of boosting EPS is to repurchase shares of stock, which has the effect of reducing the number of shares in the possession of shareholders.

How does BSG increase net income?

Answer: To increase your company’s net income you should focus on improving your bottom line as well as your top line, try to trim labor, materials, warehouse, and delivery expenses.

How much is the BSG?

Cost to Students and Payment Options Online Credit Card Registration — When a class member goes to www.bsg-online.com and creates an account, the registration fee of $44.95 plus applicable sales taxes can be paid online by credit card (Visa, MasterCard, Discover, or American Express) during the registration process.

What is image rating in Glo bus?

The image rating is a function of (1) your company’s P/Q ratings for action cameras and UAV drones, (2) your company’s global market shares for both action cameras and UAV drones (as determined by your market shares in the four geographic regions), and (3) your company’s actions to display corporate citizenship and …

Why is Glo-bus a strategic company?

The Glo-bus company has applied strategic business principles in all its levels of performance. This has played an imperative role in placing it in the position it currently holds in the camera business arena.

What is the Glo-bus company doing to promote corporate citizenship?

For this reason, the Glo-bus Company has put in place a few corporate citizenship strategies that aim at enhancing the relationship it has with its customers and the public at large. For instance, the company contributes to charities in a bid to woe more support from the public. This is a charge treated on its income statement.

How does the Glo-bus company counter the competition from Sony?

Glo-bus company has countered the competition from Sony by coming up with superior quality cameras in both models (multi-featured and entry-level cameras). This is because all the two models produced by the company face the same competition.

Who are the biggest competitors of Globus?

Amongst every other competitor that shares the market with Glo-bus Company, Sony still remains the biggest threat. It is astonishing how Sony is still the company to beat in terms of market capture after so many years of stiff competition.