What happened to Ryan of Baby Boy Bakery?

Jacqui Saldana’s son Ryan was tragically killed in May after he was hit by a truck while playing outside his cousins’ home in Alta Loma. Ryan’s death sparked a social media outpouring of messages of love and support for the South Pasadena family.

How did Ryan Cruz pass away?

A tragic story out of California has united the world of social media in support for a grieving family. Three-year-old Ryan Cruz Saldana was chasing his Frisbee on Friday when he ran into traffic and was killed by a truck.

What happened to Ryan Cruz Saldana?

Last May, Ryan was struck and killed by a truck while playing outside of his cousin’s home in Alta Loma. An unfathomable loss that no parent should ever have to face, Ryan’s death sparked a social media outpouring of love and support for his family.

What is red for Ryan?

Circle told the Pasadena Star she chose red balloons as a symbol for Ryan because he loved red and loved balloons, and that Saldana told Circle she wanted to release red balloons at Ryan’s funeral. “Jacqui and Dan, I love you with all my heart and my soul!” Circle continues.

How did the Saldana family lose their son?

In May 2014, Jacqui Saldana’s 3-year-old son, Ryan, was playing frisbee outside his cousins’ home when he was struck and killed by a truck. Jacqui and her husband Dan went through the unthinkable. To help cope with the devastating loss, Jacqui turned to her bakery/mommy blog, Baby Boy Bakery, which…

What happened to 3-year-old Ryan Saldana?

SOUTH PASADENA — On Friday morning, 3-year-old Ryan Cruz Saldana was gleefully running through Disneyland, his curly mane of flaming red hair flowing behind him. Ryan, of South Pasadena, was hit and killed by a truck while playing outside his cousins’ house.

What happened to Jacqui Saldana’s son?

Ryan Cruz Saldana, the toddler with long, curly red hair, was struck and killed on Friday. Paramedics pronounced Ryan dead at the scene. Police said he was struck by a white 2006 Dodge Ram pickup. Ryan was reportedly hit while retrieving a Frisbee in front of his cousins’ house.

Why did Ryan Saldana pass away?

RED BALLOONS FOR RYAN: The death of a 3-year-old boy in California is sparking an outpouring of online support. Ryan Saldana was struck and killed while chasing a frisbee. His mom, Jacqui Saldana, writes the blog Baby Boy Bakery. A post from a fellow blogger sparked the #redballoonsforryan campaign.