What hairstyles to get with an Afro?

Afro twist hairstyles are very popular these days. Afros with long twists are special to black men and can be paired with a taper fade on the sides. However, guys can also leave the hair long everywhere and enjoy a big afro twist. The best twist hairstyles for men are often styled as messy afros.

What are the best ways to style afro hair?

25 Afro Hairstyles That Embrace Your Natural Texture Big Hair Don’t Care Pick Your Fro To Perfection. My internet friends went crazy when Ciara debuted this larger than life fro. Embrace Your Coils. Go Low Let Your Features Shine Try A Lighter Hue. Play Up Your Natural Texture Add Depth With Balayage Pay Homage. Try On Some Fringe

What hair moisturizer to use for growing an Afro?

Jojoba is naturally similar to human sebum and can help regulate the scalps natural production of oil.

  • Coconut oil has natural ingredients can help maintain healthy levels of protein which is necessary when dealing with chemically treated hair.
  • Castor oil is moisturizing in nature.
  • Try ayurvdic oils.
  • How to get curly afro?

    Co-wash your hair by using the “Quenching Co-Wash”. This helps to soften your hair for detangling! It also helps repair dry and damaged hair.

  • Moisturize your hair using the “Coil Hydrating Butter”. This mixture of Camellia Oil and Shea Butter smells amazing!
  • Detangle your hair and begin 2-strand twisting in sections!
  • Add the “Curl Defining Mousse” to your twists for an extra hold!
  • Begin bantu knotting your hair. Wrap each twist around in a circular motion using your fingers until it creates a knot.
  • Dry your hair under a heated dryer for 30 minutes to an hour or overnight by sleeping in a satin bonnet or on a satin pillowcase.
  • Once dry,take down your bantu knots by twisting the knot. Think of it like you’re unscrewing a screw!
  • Grab the Smooth N’ Shine “Hair Polisher” to add a boost of shine to your hair.
  • After you’ve unscrewed all your bantu knots,split apart your 2-strand twists.
  • Once unraveled,take a pick or a wide tooth comb to pick out your fro from the root!