What does CPT code 93018 mean?

cardiovascular stress test
Codes 93015–93018 are the backbone of cardiovascular stress test coding. All of their descriptors start with the same wording: “Cardiovascular stress test using maximal or submaximal treadmill or bicycle exercise, continuous electrocardiographic monitoring, and/or pharmacological stress.”

What is the CPT code for dobutamine stress test?

CORRECT ORDER IS: • Echo 2D Stress Dobutamine CPT Code 93351 • Patients must have a written prescription for the test • High quality ultrasound images may be difficult to obtain due to certain patient conditions (medical and/or physical).

What is the CPT code for nuclear stress test?

Code Notes
93015 This series of CPT® codes is for the stress test performed in conjunction with the nuclear medicine myocardial perfusion study. Pick the appropriate code for the service provided.

What is a stress test billed under?

Answer: Codes 93015 through 93018 are used to report cardiovascular stress tests. Code 93015 is considered the global code and should be used only when a physician owns the equipment and employs the personnel in his office or clinic.

Can CPT 93306 and 93351 be billed together?

Answer: Transthoracic echocardiography (93303, 93304, 93306, 93307 or 93308) may be reported on the same date of service as a stress echo (93350 or 93351) for a different clinical circumstance.

What is the CPT code for stress echocardiogram?

Stress Echocardiogram CPT code list – 93350, 93351, 93352

CPT Description
93350 Transthoracic Stress Echo, complete
93351 Transthoracic Stress Echo, complete w cont EKG
93303 Transthoracic Echo cardiac anomalies
93304 Transthoracic Echo cardiac anomalies, limited

Can you bill 93306 and 93350 together?

These codes bundle (93306/93350); you’re billing a stress echo and an echo, in order to bill both, you’d need SOLID documentation of distict separate procedures with different dx.