What color do you see when shining green light on a magenta painting?

cyan light
In Example C, cyan light (i.e., a mixture of blue and green) shines upon the same magenta filter. Magenta absorbs its complementary color – green. Thus, green is subtracted from cyan light. That leaves blue light to be transmitted by the filter….

Color of Light Blue
Color of Paper Cyan
Color Observed Blue

What happens when red and green light are mixed?

Red and green light make yellow. And when all three primary colors of light are combined, we see white light.

What color do you get when you mix light pink and light green?

You will get brown or gray if you mix pink and green together. The result is the same for all complementary colors, including blue and orange and yellow and purple. Complementary colors produce brown or gray because they cover such a vast spectrum of shades, so when mixed, everything becomes muddled.

What happens when you mix yellow and magenta light?

Combining the light from the magenta and yellow spotlights will produce a whitish-red color – that is, pink.

Is mixing colored light the same as mixing paint?

Pigments versus Light in Color and Art The primary colors of light are the secondary colors of pigments. Mixing a given color pair together will bring different results in light and pigment. Adding more colors to the mix will sully or darken the color in paint, but will appear paler and brighter in light.

Does green and magenta make black?

Magenta dye absorbs green light but not red and blue, yielding magenta reflection from white incident light. Green dye similarly absorbs red and blue light. If you mix dyes of those two colors, all colors are absorbed, and you get black rather than white.

What color does green and red make together?

So What Color Does Red and Green Make? A mixture of red color with green color will produce a yellow color. In some cases, the intensity of any of the two colors may result in a Yellow-grey final color.

What color does turquoise and pink make?


What color does purple and green make together?

Violet and Green Make Blue.

What color does green and magenta make?

If combined, green and magenta ink will look dark gray or black. The magenta used in color printing, sometimes called process magenta, is a darker shade than the color used on computer screens.

What color does magenta and cyan make?

Blue is created by mixing cyan and magenta (removing red and green).