What causes hard start diesel?

It’s the middle of summer and your diesel engine is having trouble getting started. The problems that can occur due to the cold weather are well-known and fairly common, such as using summer-grade fuel in winter, a bad glow plug system, slow cranking, or thick, cold oil.

How much horsepower does a 6.9 diesel have?

6.9L IDI Specs

Engine: International Harvester 6.9L IDI V-8 diesel
Injection: Indirect injection (IDI), mechanical injectors, Stanadyne rotary style injection pump
Valvetrain: 2 valves per cylinder, standard OHV, camshaft in block
Peak Horsepower: 170 hp @ 3,300 rpm
Peak Torque: 318 lb-ft @ 1,400 rpm

When did Ford stop using the 6.9 diesel?

The engine was built in two displacements: 420 cubic inches (6.9 L), which was used in Ford trucks from 1983 until 1987, and 444 cubic inches (7.3 L), which was used in Ford trucks from 1988 until 1994 (naturally aspirated) and in 1993 and 1994 (turbocharged).

What stops a diesel engine from starting?

A diesel engine that cranks normally but won’t start regardless of the outside temperature either has low compression or a fuel delivery problem. If compression is okay, check the fuel gauge (out of fuel?). Then check the fuel filters and lines for obstructions.

What kind of oil does a 6.9 diesel take?

Ford 6.9L IDI Diesel Maintenance Parts, Fluid & Oil

Part Type Part #
Engine Oil Normal Conditions (preferred): SAE 15W-40 Motorcraft 15W-40 Shell Rotella 10W-30 T4 Temperatures < 60 Degrees F: SAE 10W-30 Shell Rotella 10W-30 T4
Engine Oil Filter Motorcraft FL-784
Fuel Filter Motorcraft FD-811

Did the 6.9 Idi have a turbo?

6.9L IDI Aspiration This engine lacks a turbocharger which partially contributes to its sluggishness and lower performance when compared to Ford diesel trucks that came later down the road. Naturally aspirated engines have been around for a long time, and there are some advantages to having one.

What causes a hard starting engine?

Fouled Plugs: Spark plugs create the spark which allows the vehicle to burn fuel. Fouled plugs are one of the most common reasons for a hard starting engine. This can lead to prolonged cranking before the engine will start. Clogged Fuel Filter: A fuel filter that is clogged can make a vehicle very difficult to start.

How do you start a flooded diesel engine?

Block the choke open, and push the accelerator to the floor. Don’t pump it. Crank the engine, and when it starts ease up on the pedal. If the float level isn’t set too high, the fuel inlet valve is ok, and the power valve is good, you will crank enough air through the cylinders to clear the flooded condition.