What Canon printer uses 220 ink?

Canon PGI-220 Black Ink-Tank Compatible to MP980, MP560, MP620, MP640, MP990, MX860, MX870, iP4600, iP3600, iP4700.

What Canon printer uses 220 and 221 ink?

Inkjets.com’s Compatible Canon PGI-220 & CLI-221 Ink Cartridges are direct replicas of their branded versions. They are guaranteed safe to use with a range of Canon PIXMA printers, such as the PIXMA PMFP1, PIXMA MX870, PIXMA SFP2 and PIXMA IP4700 (find your printer in the list below).

What is the difference between Canon CLI and PGI ink?

PGI is a Pigment based ink that is used for printing text while the CLI is a Chromalife ink that is used for printing photos. The CLI Chromalife ink is more resistant to fading when used with Canon photo paper and produces finer detail.

What is Canon PGI ink?

“PGI” stands for pigment based ink. Pigment based ink is ideal for printing documents; providing, rich, dark text and sharp output. Pigment ink tends to resist water and UV light better than dye-based ink, and is able to resist fading for up to 200 years.

What is the difference between Canon 280 and 281?

The PGI-280 black cartridge is a much larger cartridge compared to the CLI-281 photo black and uses pigment ink to print black and white text. The photo black cartridge is the same size as the other CLI-281 cartridges in the series and uses dye-based ink to produce more defined shades of black in your photos.

Can I use other ink in my Canon printer?

Yes, you can use a compatible or third-party brand of ink in your printer. The use of compatible or remanufactured printer cartridges will not void your printer’s warranty.

What does XL mean for ink?

The cartridges are the same size; XL simply means that the cartridge contains more ink. XL cartridges can print up to 3X more pages; useful if you print a lot.

What is the difference between Canon ink XL and regular?

The main difference between the two is actually the amount of ink in each cartridge. Standard ink cartridge contains less ink and is, therefore, less expensive than high yield cartridge. XL or high yield cartridge contains more ink and therefore can be used to print more pages at a better value per page.