What can you do after Fut?

After your procedure, take your pain medication, Tramadol (Ultracet) on a full stomach. Do not wait until you have pain. Take the first pain pill as soon as you arrive home and then every 5 hours (on a full stomach). You should not drive while taking the pain medication or the sedative.

How long after Fut can I exercise?

Patients should refrain from strenuous activity after hair transplant surgery—whether they choose the traditional harvest method or the Follicular Unit Excision technique (heavy weightlifting, vigorous household or outside yard work, excessive jogging/running/biking) for 10 days.

How do you sleep after fut hair transplant?

What is the best position to sleep after hair transplant? You should sleep on your back, upright, with your head and back elevated, preferably at a 45 degree angle. Sleeping on your stomach may cause damage to your transplanted hair and increase swelling.

What should I do after 10 days of hair transplant?

Restricting heavy physical exercise for some time will reduce pain and swelling. Non-aerobic exercises such as walking and stretching are fine after the hair transplant. After 7-10 days, you can gradually enhance the exercise intensity over the next week.

When can I touch my grafts?

Beginning 2-3 days after surgery you can gently touch the grafts with the fingertips while washing in the shower. Avoid catching the grafts with your fingernails. 2. Hairspray and mousse can be used one week after the transplant but should be washed off daily.

Can you shower after fue?

After 48 hours they can gently wash the transplanted areas but should not allow shower water to directly hit the new grafts. After one week, patients may shower and wash their hair normally. Brushing, combing and using styling products can be done after just a week with FUE techniques.

Can I exercise before hair transplant?

Please refrain from any form of casual exercise 3-7 days prior to surgery. If you weight train, body build or do strenuous cardio exercise, please refrain from this type of activity for at least 1 week prior to surgery.

Does sweating affect hair transplant?

Sweating isn’t a problem for transplanted hair If you’ve just had a hair transplant and you’re worried about problems caused by sweat, you can relax. Sweating will not dislodge the transplanted hair.

Do you have to shave head for fut?

Patients can leave the procedure with a considerable amount of confidentiality and resume normal activities even faster. Not required to shave head. Requires the donor area of their head be cut short. Not required to cut hair short.

Can I wear a hat after a hair transplant?

Wearing a hat could risk the grafts getting compressed, damaged, or displaced. Damaging the grafts could create empty patches on the scalp and jeopardize the entire hair transplant recovery process. After 7 to 10 days, once the grafts are permanently anchored, wearing a hat is considered safe.

Is Minoxidil good after hair transplant?

Minoxidil for hair loss is also recommended by many surgeons after a hair transplant because it reduces the risk of shock loss, especially in women. Most of the time, this type of hair loss is temporary, and hair will still grow back. Using Minoxidil eliminates the shock loss phase in hair transplant surgery.