Is there a real couples retreat?

Alila Ventana in Big Sur, California Perched overlooking the Pacific coastline, this iconic all-inclusive retreat offers a wide variety of exclusive Alila Experiences and elevated wellness-focused activities for reigniting connections.

What is the purpose of a couples retreat?

Couples retreats are a great opportunity to restore your relationship while having a unique romantic getaway without the hustle and bustle of your daily life. The retreat is your chance to take time away from work, kids, and daily chores. To look inward and focus on yourself and each other.

How do you plan a couples retreat?

  1. 1 – Build a List of Ideal Clients.
  2. 2 – Name Your Retreat.
  3. 3 – Decide How Many People You Want at Your Retreat.
  4. 4 – Choose a Time-Span for Your Retreat.
  5. 5 – Choose a Location for Your Retreat.
  6. 6 – Price Your Retreat.
  7. 7 – Outline the Content of Your Retreat.
  8. 8 – Commit to a Date for Your Retreat.

Where is the location of couples retreat?

St. Regis Bora Bora Resort
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Do marriage boot camps work?

The Marriage Boot Camp has a success rate that is higher than traditional marriage counseling. We conducted a study following 62 divorcing couples who graduated the Boot Camp recommitted to thier marriages to see how they were doing 2 years later. 80% of these couples ranked themselves “happily married”!

How do you set goals in couples counseling?

15 Goals for Couples Therapy

  1. Better understand you, your partner, and relationship.
  2. Identify each other’s fears.
  3. Discover how to compromise.
  4. Learn how to handle individual differences.
  5. Understand how to be loving.
  6. Find the root of the problems.
  7. Get on the same page as your partner.
  8. Learn to work together.

What is intensive couples therapy retreat?

Intensive couples therapy offers a unique “science-based” opportunity to get away and really enhance your bond . These private intensive marriage counseling retreats offer an extended period of counseling over one evening and two days. This intensive approach allows our marriage counselors to get to the root of the problem.

What is a marriage intensive?

A focused time away from the distractions…

  • An opportunity to tear down the barriers to marital health.
  • A chance to put yourselves in a place where the Holy Spirit can do a deep work in both of you.
  • An opportunity to receive biblical,practical,real-life guidance from a couple who has powerfully experienced God’s grace in their own marriage.
  • What is marriage retreat?

    Marriage Retreat Activities That Are Thoughtful and Fun. The open and affectionate atmosphere of a marriage retreat is a powerful way to discuss, share and reinvigorate the spirit of marriage. The re-experience of old memories, along with the creation of new ones provides couples an everlasting platform to affirm their commitment.