Is The Dumping Ground based on a true story?

The Dumping Ground follows the lives of children living in Ashdene Ridge, a fictional foster home and is filmed in the North East. This is an exclusive chance for fans to meet the stars of the show and see the first episode of the brand new series before it is aired in early 2015.

Does Finn from The Dumping Ground have Down syndrome?

Finn has Down’s syndrome, and this affects his visual appearance and his speech, which is slurred. Finn has blond hair and blue eyes. He is around average height for his age, and is overweight.

Why did Alex leave The Dumping Ground?

It’s currently unknown what happened, but whatever it was it led to Alex being put into care. Alex hated living in the care home he was put into, so he ran away and ended up living on the streets.

Does floss have a sibling in the dumping ground?

She said she had to make a phone call and never came back for Floss. Floss may have had a sibling, which is suggested in said note – the note instructed “both of them” to be looked after.

How old is Ruben Reuter?

21 years (June 28, 2000)
Ruben Reuter/Age

Is Layla from Tracy Beaker really disabled?

Layla – played by Carla Readle Like Layla, Cara has cerebral palsy in real life and went on to play the part of a patient with the condition in BBC drama Casualty and a troubled teenager in BBC Wales series Barker Boys.

Why was Gus in care?

People believe that Gus was placed into care due to his parents not being able to handle his ASD, however he was too young to have OCD at this point so that may not have been a factor at the time.

How old is Elektra from The Dumping Ground?

Elektra Perkins

Elektra Perkins
General Information
Gender: Female
Age: 21 (Presumably)
Hair Color: Brown with blue streaks

What is the dumping ground about?

In a children’s home known as the “dumping ground”, the children have many fab, fun-filled adventures together as they grow up in foster care. Spin-off of the British hit TV series The Story of Tracy Beaker (2002) based on the best-selling novel by Jacqueline Wilson.

Who are the actors and actresses in the dumping ground?

Chris Slater is an actor, known for Tracy Beaker Returns (2010), The Dumping Ground Survival Files (2014) and The Dumping Ground (2013). 13. Akuc Bol Akuc Bol is an actress, known for The Dumping Ground: I’m (2016), Messiah (2020) and Talks (2016).

When is the 100th episode of the dumping ground?

The Dumping Ground broadcast its 100th episode on 16 March 2018, which was the tenth episode of series six.

When did the second series of the dumping ground start?

The second series of the British children’s television series The Dumping Ground began broadcasting on 10 January 2014 on CBBC and ended on 28 March 2014.