Is Suzuka a good circuit?

Japan’s legendary Suzuka Circuit easily ranks as the country’s most dangerous race track. The figure eight-shaped course features high-speed corners only meant for the world’s top racers.

Is Tsukuba Circuit real?

Tsukuba Circuit (Japanese: 筑波サーキット, Tsukuba Sа̄kitto) is a motorsport race track located in Shimotsuma, a neighboring city of Tsukuba, Ibaraki Prefecture, Japan, about 60 km north of central Tokyo. It is 2.045 kilometres (1.271 mi) long, with 32 pit garages and a 437 m (0.272 mi) long back straight.

How long is the Suzuka circuit?

5.807 km
Japan – Suzuka

First Grand Prix 1987
Circuit length 5.807 km
Number of laps 53
Race distance 307.471 km
Lap record 1:30.983 – Hamilton (2019)

What is Suzuka?

Suzuka (written: 鈴鹿, 涼香, 涼風, 涼夏, すず香, or すずか in hiragana) is a feminine Japanese given name. Suzuka Nakamoto (born 1997), also known as Su-metal or simply Suzuka. Suzuka Taka (高 涼風, born 1996), Japanese ice hockey player.

Who owns Suzuka circuit?

Honda Motor Co., Ltd.
Suzuka Circuit

Owner Honda Motor Co., Ltd.
Operator Mobilityland Corporation
Major Events FIA Formula One Japanese Grand Prix Endurance World Championship Suzuka 8 Hours Super GT 1000 km Suzuka
Circuit Length 5.807 km (3.609 mi)
Turns 17

Is Fuji Speedway a Suzuka?

The circuit hosted the Formula One Japanese Grand Prix in 2007 after an absence of nearly 30 years, replacing the Suzuka Circuit owned by Honda. After Fuji Speedway hosted the 2008 race, the Japanese Grand Prix returned to Suzuka for races from 2009 onward….Fuji Speedway.

FIA Grade 1
5th and current configuration (2005–present)

How do I get to Tsukuba circuit?

Getting There Tsukuba Circuit is located in central Japan on Honshu island, 80 miles north of Tokyo. The nearest airports are Tokyo’s Narita and Haneda, offering numerous international flights. The circuit is reachable by car from Tokyo along the Joban Expressway, taking exit 3 (signposted for Yawara) onto Route 294.

How many episodes does Suzuka have?

Suzuka (manga)

Original network TV Tokyo, Bandai Channel
English network FUNimation Channel
Original run 6 July 2005 – 28 December 2005
Episodes 26

Where is the Suzuka circuit?

The Suzuka circuit is located in Inou, Suzuka City, which is in the Mie Prefecture, about 30 miles (50km) south of Nagoya.

Is the Fuji Speedway Suzuka?

Fuji Speedway (富士スピードウェイ, Fuji Supīdowei) is a motorsport race track standing in the foothills of Mount Fuji, in Oyama, Suntō District, Shizuoka Prefecture, Japan. It was built in the early 1960s. After Fuji Speedway hosted the 2008 race, the Japanese Grand Prix returned to Suzuka for races from 2009 onward.

How do I get to Suzuka circuit?

We recommend staying in Nagoya, the closest major city to the Suzuka circuit. The 60km distance can be covered by train in around 1 hour. Most intercontinental flights land at Tokyo’s Narita airport (NRT) or Osaka’s Kansai airport (KIX). From Tokyo, there are domestic flights to Nagoya’s airport, Chubu (NGO).