Is SpaceEngine still free?

SpaceEngine is in beta status and up to version 0.980, released in July 2016, it was and still is available as a freeware download for Microsoft Windows. Version 0.990 beta was the first paid edition, released in June 2019 on Steam. The program has full support for VR headsets.

How good is SpaceEngine?

Purely judging it as a tool, SpaceEngine is a great way to visualize the scale of outer space, which many people struggle to do with real-life or 2D models. Like Elite it goes for hard space simulation, including our own Solar System along with real catalogued systems and scientifically plausible procedural ones.

Who is Anton Petrov what da math?

Anton Petrov is a math teacher. In my time off I am also an avid video gamer with an extensive knowledge of PC gaming both as an entertainment art and an educational tool. My research paper at University of Toronto was on educational uses of Minecraft.

What software does Anton Petrov use?

-Taught using Minecraft, Kerbal Space Program and a variety of other tech tools and games in class.

What country does Anton Petrov live in?

South Korea
Youtuber, Data analyst, Programmer. I’m a full time teacher, Youtuber, cryptoanalyst and a marketing specialist working and living in South Korea.

Does Anton Petrov have a degree?

Bachelor of Science, Psychology from McGill University, Montreal, Quebec. Diploma in Health Sciences from Marianopolis College, Montreal, Quebec.

Does space engine work on Mac?

Space Engine is not available for Mac but there are some alternatives that runs on macOS with similar functionality. The best Mac alternative is Celestia, which is both free and Open Source.

What is Space Engine Pro?

Buy SpaceEngine – PRO This DLC changes the SpaceEngine license to allow for personal commercial use, and unlocks some “professional” features helpful for capturing video footage and creating space assets for your own projects: Ability to save video and screenshots with transparency.