Is Sanuk still in business?

The last few years have been tough for Sanuk, even before COVID-19 hit. The good news is owner Deckers Brands has moved Sanuk into a new operating group focused on innovation that is headed up by the co-founder of running shoe brand Hoka One One.

Do Sanuks run big or small?

Sanuk Sandals are true to size, but we have had some customers report that these too run an little small, so when in doubt, size up rather than down.

Can you wear Sanuks in water?

Don’t wash them in hot water: Hot water is the best for killing bacteria but hot water can seriously damage your Sanuks. It can make them twist out of shape or even cause parts of them to become unusable. Never dry them in the dryer: Putting your Sanuks in the dryer will ruin them. Let them air dry to prevent damage.

Who bought Sanuk?

Sanuk. Sanuk, a novelty sandal brand based in Southern California, was founded in 1997 and acquired by Deckers in 2011 for $120 million. “Sanuk” is the Thai word for fun. Founder Jeff Kelley, a Southern California native, started by making sandals out of indoor-outdoor carpet and inner tubes.

Are Sanuk worth it?

These are great shoes and I would definitely recommended them if you are looking for a comfortable pair of flip flops. I’m still wearing this same set of flip flops and I still love them. I’ve used them a lot since I purchased them and they have held up well. They are easy to wash and still look great.

Are Sanuks good for plantar fasciitis?

The “strap” material is stretchy enough to accommodate moving around and walking, and yet supportive enough to feel like these shoes won’t fall off. The cushion is perfectly squishy without being too squishy – just enough squish for my plantar fasciitis to be happy walking in these all day.

Are you supposed to wear socks with Sanuks?

You can wear socks with Sanuk shoes. The upper tends to stretch out a bit when worn with socks, which can feel rather sloppy when worn without socks. While these shoes like sandals have a footbed that has been enhanced with an antimicrobial additive, we generally recommend wearing socks with them.

Are Sanuks good for walking?

You may wonder – are Sanuks comfortable for walking? The yoga sandals definitely are, but I find that they are only good for short distances. Other Sanuk styles are closed toe and more comfortable for longer walks. Not everyone loves Dansko shoes, but I find them to be so comfortable.