Is Noxzema discontinued?

The main Noxzema brand went from Procter & Gamble to Alberto Culver to now Unilever. Sadly, there is no use for the shave cream at the main Noxzema website; when you put the term “shave” into the search, nothing comes up. That is a missed opportunity.

When did Noxzema stop using glass jars?

A switch from glass to plastic reduced the weight of its jars by 84 percent in 2012. A small savings in the plastic in each 12-ounce Noxzema container adds up to about 127 tons of less waste each year, according to Julie Zaniewski, a packaging sustainability manager with Unilever, which owns Noxzema.

Why does Noxzema burn so bad?

The cream also contains menthol and camphor, which have pain-relieving properties. But Noxzema cold cream isn’t formulated for sunburns. It also contains fragrances that may irritate the skin.

How long do you keep Noxzema cream on your face?

Make sure to stick to oil-free products only. “I covered my face with a white mask of Noxzema cream, every night, for 45 minutes… It would dry out, crack, and flake.

Did Noxzema change their formula?

You changed the formula. It is no longer the ‘Original Deep Cleansing Cream’. That is false advertising. You watered it down with some kind of oil or similar ingredient to make the company more money, and ruined the product.

Where is Noxzema made?

Baltimore City
That iconic blue jar of Noxzema was invented and nurtured into an international company by Marylander George A. Bunting in the early 20th century. And now one of the company’s historic factory buildings is being transformed into new apartments and artists lofts in the Hampden neighborhood of Baltimore City.

What year was noxzema invented?


Product type Facial Products
Owner Unilever
Introduced 1914
Previous owners Noxzema Chemical Company Noxell Corporation Lion Corporation Procter & Gamble Alberto-Culver Unilever

What was Noxzema originally used for?

Noxzema contains camphor, menthol, phenol and eucalyptus, among other ingredients. Originally developed as a sunburn remedy, it is a type of cold cream or vanishing cream (so named because it disappears after being left on for a few minutes) which is used as a facial cleanser and make-up remover.

Does Noxzema fade dark spots?

The tiny dark spots along my cheekbones were fading. Day 7: On what was possibly my last night using Noxzema, that pesky little pimple returned. But Noxzema cleared it up right away.

Why is my Noxzema watery?

You need to shake it before you use it. The more solid materials tend to separate. It can also get more liquid if it is really warm. 2 of 2 found this helpful.

Does Noxzema test on animals?

Noxzema is owned by Unilever, a company that tests on animals. Not only is Noxzema not cruelty-free but neither is their parent company.