Is Millennium Park Ice Skating Open 2021?

The rink is open daily from Nov. 19, 2021 through March 6, 2022, weather permitting. Admission is free, but online reservations are required. Skate rentals are available.

Where is Skate state?

Skate on State, Chicago’s popular ice-skating rink on State Street, opens to the public this week. The rink opens Friday. It is on State Street between Washington and Randolph Streets.

Where can you skate in Illinois?

9 Best Places In Illinois For A Magical Evening Of Ice Skating

  • Let’s Skate at Old Orchard Mall (Skokie)
  • Depot Pond (Batavia)
  • Winter Wonderland Ice Rink (Orland Park)
  • The Loading Dock Ice Rink (Grafton)
  • PNC Winterfest (Peoria)
  • Wicker ICE (Chicago)
  • Skating in the Park (Rosemont)
  • Maggie Daley Park Skating Ribbon (Chicago)

How much does it cost to go ice skating in Chicago?

Skate under the Chicago skyline and within eyeshot of the Chicago Christmas Tree at the McCormick Tribune Ice Rink in Millennium Park. Admission to the rink is free, and you can rent skates for $13–$15.

Do you have to book to go ice skating?

We would advise all customers to prebook to avoid disappointment. For those that are not in a position to book online then there will be a provision still to take cash over the counter on the day – however we cannot guarantee access as online customers will take priority.

Where in Chicago is Maggie Daley Park?

337 E. Randolph St.
Maggie Daley Park is located at 337 E. Randolph St. Chicago, IL 60601. It can be accessed from Randolph Street the bicycle path along Lakeshore Drive, Monroe Street, or the BP Bridge which crosses Columbus Drive from Millennium Park.

Is skateboarding legal in Illinois?

It states: No person shall ride a skateboard upon any roadway or sidewalk in a business district. This means that while you can skate in Chicago’s gorgeous $2.65 million Grant Park skate park, the law prohibits you from riding your skateboard through downtown to get there.

How long is the Maggie Daley ice ribbon?

one-quarter mile
The ice skating ribbon opened on December 13, 2014, along with the park. The rink extends for one-quarter mile (0.40 km) mile and has a capacity of 700 skaters….Maggie Daley Park ice skating ribbon.

The Maggie Daley Park ice skating ribbon with the Chicago skyline in the background
Wikimedia | © OpenStreetMap
Opened December 13, 2014

Do I have to wear a mask while skating?

d) Wearing of Masks & Personal Hygiene: Visitors and skaters are required to wear face masks at all times (on/off ice).

What is the best brand of roller skates?

Some of the common and best known brands are Riedell, SureGrip and Pacer for quad skates and Rollerblade and K2 for inline skates. If you are building a skate package you can buy boots, plates, wheels and bearings separately and trust your skate professional to put you into the best skate for your ability and budget.

Where is the skating rink in Chicago?

Located in Millennium Park, the McCormick Tribune Ice Rink is one of the most popular rinks in Chicago. The rink itself is free and open to the public and skate rental is offered for only $10. Night skating can be especially breathtaking surrounded by the skyscrapers that shape Chicago’s skyline.

Where is Grant skate park in Chicago?

Proudly referred to as “Chicago’s Front Yard,” Grant Park is a 319-acre public park located in Chicago’s central business district in the Loop Community area. Grant Park’s most notable features include Millennium Park , Maggie Daley Park , Buckingham Fountain , the Art Institute of Chicago and the Museum Campus .

What are some good roller skates?

For roller derby style skates (low-topped quad speed skates), the top brands are Riedell, Sure-Grip, Labeda, Bont, and Luigino. Roller Derby brand’s Elite line had some good buzz out the gate but it’s turned sour in recent months as I’ve seen a number of complaints about broken plates and difficult pivot cups.