Is Lebedev a billionaire?

In March 2012, he was listed by Forbes as one of the richest Russians with an estimated fortune of US$1.1 billion. His fortune has since declined, and he is no longer considered to be a billionaire.

Why is Lebedev two beards?

According to The Daily Telegraph, Lebedev previously dated British actress Joely Richardson. While he denies rumours about him being gay, which earnt him the nickname Two Beards coined by Private Eye, he is said not to mind people thinking so, according to media reports.

Is Elena perminova married?

Alexander Lebedev
Elena Perminova/Spouse

What does the name Lebedev mean?

Lebedev (Russian: Ле́бедев), or Lebedeva (feminine; Ле́бедева) is a common Russian family name derived from the word лебедь (lebed, meaning “swan”).

Who lives in Stud House?

the Master of the Horse
Stud House is an early 18th-century house in the centre of Hampton Court Park near Hampton Court Palace. It is Grade II listed on the National Heritage List for England. It was traditionally the official residence of the Master of the Horse. The former stables at the house are separately listed, also at Grade II.

Who owns independent newspaper?

Evgeny Lebedev
The Independent

Homepage of The Independent in July 2021
Type Print newspaper (1986–2016) Online newspaper (2016–present)
Format Broadsheet (1986–2003) Tabloid (2003–2016) Website (2016–present)
Owner(s) Evgeny Lebedev (41%) Sultan Muhammad Abuljadayel (30%) Justin Byam Shaw (26%) Minor shareholders (3%)

Who owns London Evening?

Evening Standard

Evening Standard cover (19 March 2020)
Owner(s) Evgeny Lebedev (63%) Daily Mail and General Trust (24.9%) Justin Byam Shaw (7%) Geordie Greig (5%)
Editor Charlotte Ross (acting editor)
Founded 21 May 1827
Political alignment Conservative

How old is Lena perminova?

35 years (September 1, 1986)
Elena Perminova/Age

How tall is Lena perminova?

5′ 10″
Elena Perminova/Height

What is a good Russian last name?

The Top 40 Russian Surnames and Meanings

Surname in English Meaning Details and Variations
Smirnov from смирный – peaceful, quiet, calm female: Smirnova
Petrov son of Pyotr female: Petrova
Sidorov son of Sidor female: Sidorova
Kuznetsov from кузнец – blacksmith female: Kuznetsova

Who owns stud house in Home Park?

Stud House was bought by the Russian publisher Evgeny Lebedev in 2007. Its gardens were featured in the 2017 book The Secret Gardeners by Victoria Summerley and photographer Hugo Rittson Thomas.

Who is Alexey Lebedev’s wife Elena Perminova?

Since 2005, Lebedev’s partner is Elena Perminova, a former model; some sources report they are married while others say they are engaged. They have three children together, two sons and a daughter. In December 2020, Perminova announced that they are expecting their fourth child together, Lebedev’s fifth.

Who is Alexander Lebedev?

Before starting his investments, Lebedev worked as an officer of the KGB. Born in Moscow in 1959, Alexander Lebedev completed his secondary education and enrolled at the Moscow State Institute of International Relations where he studied Economics.

Who is Vladimir Lebedev’s first wife?

His first wife was Natalia Vladimirovna Sokolova, daughter of the eminent scientist Vladimir Sokolov. Lebedev had one child with Sokolova, Evgeny Lebedev, who is now a successful Russian businessman in his own right. They split in 1998 and in later years Lebedev married former model Elena Perminova, with whom he had three children.

How much is Lebedev’s net worth?

In March 2006, Forbes estimates Lebedev’s fortune as high as US$3.5 billion, but as of July 2013 he dropped out of the billionaires list and is no longer a billionaire.