Is Keystone a good trailer brand?

Keystones make good quality RVs, camper trailers, fifth wheels and miniature trailers. From ultralight trailers that can be towed by newer fuel-efficient cars and smaller vans to luxurious fifth wheels, Keystone RV has the right trailer for you. Keystone’s many RV brands are the most recognized names on the highway.

Who makes the Outback travel trailer?

Keystone RV
Keystone RV Manufacturer | Outback Travel Trailers.

How long is a Keystone Outback travel trailer?


Sleeps 6
Length 37 ft 7 in
Ext Width 8 ft
Ext Height 11 ft 4 in
Interior Color Patina, Mineral

Where are keystone Outbacks made?

Keystone RVs are manufactured at a plant in Goshen, Indiana, in America. Interestingly if you’re considering buying an RV from the Keystone company, you can visit the manufacturing plant and watch how the RVs are produced.

Who makes Outback Keystone?

Thor Industries
Thor Industries – Owners of Keystone RVs Keystone is now run by CEO Matt Zimmerman and has around 200 employees. Thor Industries’ purchase of Keystone was one of the largest RV manufacturer purchases ever at that time, although Thor went on to spend even more acquiring more RV makers later.

Who makes outback?

Subaru Outback
Class-Leading Sales: The Subaru Outback is the best-selling wagon on the market in 2021, and sales have risen by 15.6 percent relative to 2020.

Who makes Keystone Outback campers?

How much does a 2005 Keystone Outback weight?

4480 lbs
Used 2005 Keystone RV Outback 26RS

Sleeps 8
Ext Height 9 ft 11 in
Hitch Weight 600 lbs
Dry Weight 4480 lbs
Cargo Weight 1520 lbs