Is it possible for finite to love infinitely?

“My love for you is greater than infinity”… But the truth is, LOVE — or at least, the human capacity for love — is FINITE. No one can ever love infinitely. It simply isn’t possible. If you devote your love to everyone else, you won’t have any left for yourself.

What’s infinite love mean?

Limitless, eternal and becoming as one, there is no better symbol to represent eternal love. And it’s not just about eternal love but also the infinite and limitless possibilities that love brings. With so many possible way to interpret the infinity symbol, it is no wonder that it has become such a popular love symbol.

How do you define infinite love?

a having no limits or boundaries in time, space, extent, or magnitude. b (as n; preceded by the) the infinite. 2 extremely or immeasurably great or numerous.

How do you use the infinity sign in a sentence?

Remember time is finite, but you are blessed with infinite love.” “The Infinity sign goes round and round without an end, and true love bears the same pattern.” “Realise that the love within is the infinite love and it is all that is.” “I live love.

Where can I find inspiration for cute couple captions?

Inspiration for cute couple captions can be found just about anywhere—especially from your favorite songs, movies, TV shows and books. And if you’re looking for creative boyfriend and girlfriend quotes to use on social media, these popular lines would make for great Insta captions.

Do you give romantic couple ring quotes to already married couples?

So, as you touch your spouse’s heart with these romantic couple ring quotes, be sure to send to already married couples to share in the binding magic and strength that comes with the rings we put on our fingers. If you are already married, be sure to help out the young couples-to-be too.

What are the best love quotes for marriage?

1. Even death cannot do us apart, we were meant for each other before life began, so we’ll definitely be together forever! This is my infinity symbol to you dear! I love you. 2. Just as adventures always lie ahead of every road taken, so does a lot of beautiful discoveries await lovers in marriage. Happy to be in it with you!