Is Dartmouth North or South Devon?

Dartmouth is a beautiful harbour town in South Devon. It is situated on the banks of the River Dart and provides a picturesque view wherever you are in the town.

Is Dartmouth Devon nice?

Love this – sign me up! Dartmouth in Devon has been voted the second best seaside town in the UK in a survey with over 4,000 participants. placed Dartmouth at number two on the list of best seaside towns, coming second only to the Cornish seaside village of St Mawes.

Is Dartmouth in Devon or Cornwall?

Dartmouth, town (parish), South Hams district, administrative and historic county of Devon, southwestern England. It lies along the English Channel and the west bank of the River Dart estuary.

Is Dartmouth Devon a nice place to live?

Dartmouth is one of the most beautiful towns in the country, but good looks aren’t all – the town has a strong sense of community and it’s not surprising that more and more people want to live there. Kingswear and Dartmouth land more shellfish than anywhere else in the UK.

Does Dartmouth have a beach?

There are 2 beautiful secluded cove beaches in Dartmouth town – Castle Cove and Sugary Cove next to Dartmouth Castle with stunning views of the estuary and the castle itself.

What is Dartmouth famous for?

Famed for both is nautical and engineering importance, Dartmouth is a town full of culture, history and heritage, from castles to forts, ancient buildings and museums.

Which is nicer Dartmouth or Salcombe?

Both are probably equally good for pubs and restaurants. For places of interest reachable within say, half an hour’s drive, Dartmouth probably has the edge: castles, mansions, gardens… for coastal walks, both are splendid but Salcombe probably has the edge, with endless and varied choices available.

Is Dartmouth a good place to buy a house?

Dartmouth is in an ideal geographical spot, perfectly located to access the rest of South Devon. There is an array of fantastic family-friendly attractions on Dartmouth’s doorstep – theme parks, animal farms, pristine beaches, National Trust houses and watersport activities just a stone’s throw away.

Is Dartmouth safe to live?

Dartmouth should no longer be seen as a grimy place to live. With fantastic amenities, reliable transportation, strong schools, and amazing home values Dartmouth is an exceptional place to live.

Can you swim in Dartmouth?

Dartmouth has a 25m outdoor pool that is heated to a balmy 28 degrees. It has changing rooms, showers and a small shop where you can pick up a post swim snack and drink. The pool is next to Dartmouth Academy.

Can you swim in Dartmouth Harbour?

Due to its steep, scrubby sides the cove is virtually hidden from view and well-sheltered from any significant swell. This makes for an ideal swimming spot, especially for young children with a stronger sense of adventure than technique.

What is it like in Dartmouth?

The beautiful town of Dartmouth situated on the mouth of the River Dart is one of South Devon’s most popular and enchanting towns. With its charming historic streets, scenic river location and surrounded by South Devon countryside you have to go a long way to find a town as pretty. Things to Do in Dartmouth

What are the coordinates of Dartmouth Devon?

50°21′04″N 3°34′44″W / 50.351°N 3.579°W / 50.351; -3.579Coordinates: 50°21′04″N 3°34′44″W / 50.351°N 3.579°W / 50.351; -3.579. Dartmouth /ˈdɑːrtməθ/ is a town and civil parish in the English county of Devon.

What are the best holiday destinations near Dartmouth?

One of the country’s top beaches Blackpool Sands is just a short drive from Dartmouth and is not to be missed. Dartmouth is full of history and heritage, no trip to Dartmouth would be complete without visiting Dartmouth Castle, or Agatha Christie’s Greenway National Trust Holiday Home.

What is the population of the Dartmouth area?

There are two electoral wards in the Dartmouth area ( Townstal & Kingswear). Their combined population at the above census was 6,822. In 1086, the Domesday Book lists Dunestal as the only settlement in the area which now makes up the parish of Dartmouth.