Is carlton a good badminton brand?

Among the biggest and most recognizable names in competitive badminton play is that of Carlton badminton rackets. Indeed, these high quality rackets are designed with the most forceful and competitive play nature in mind, and have been tested efficient under even the most strenuous of playing conditions.

Which is the best Carlton badminton racket?

7 Best Carlton Badminton Racket – December 2021 Results are Based on 9,483 Reviews Scanned

1 New Carlton 313 badminton racquet 9.8 View Product
2 Carlton Kinesis 80S Badminton Racquet 9.4 View Product
3 Carlton Kinesis XT Lite Badminton Racquet 9.2 View Product

How good is Carlton badminton racket?

On the court, the Carlton feels very light and sturdy. Because of its lightweight of 90 grams, it is very easy to maneuver the racket while playing. I like both brands of racket equally, but the Carlton costs one-third less and comes with a headcover. So if I am going to buy again, I will choose the Carlton.

Where are Carlton badminton rackets made?

The Carlton Sports Company who had been making their nylon shuttles since the 1950s in 1966 introduced their 3.9 badminton racket (red version), it would be the first massed produced lightweight steel racket. The racket was manufactured in England at their Saffron Walden, factory in Essex.

How much does a good badminton racket cost?

Budget. HL tournament quality graphite badminton rackets start around $50 at the low end and can cost $150 for a tour professional quality racket.

Does Dunlop own Carlton?

Carlton Sports is a British sports equipment brand, focused on badminton and table tennis….Carlton Sports.

Type Subsidiary (?–85)
Owner Cinven (1996–2004) Frasers Group (2004–present)
Parent Dunlop Slazenger (1985–96)