Is Canon 500D a good camera?

The Canon EOS 500D is a worthy successor to the popular 450D, and adds a number of useful features, including the must-have HD video recording, a more powerful sensor and a nice new monitor. Build quality, handling and performance are as good as ever, and image quality is at least equal to anything in its class.

What does 500D mean in camera?

The Canon EOS 500D (also known as the Digital Rebel T1i) is a new mid-range digital SLR camera that features HD video capture. The 500D can record Full HD 1080p video as well as 720p and VGA quality footage, and is the second Canon DSLR to offer video recording after the professional 5D Mark II model.

How much is Canon EOS 500D?

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Does Canon Rebel T1i shoot video?

Due to become available in May, the just-announced Canon EOS Rebel T1i will permit users to shoot full 1080p HD video at 20 frames per second, as well as 720p HD video at 30 fps–in both instances using the H. 264 codec. The option to shoot standard-definition footage at 30 fps is in the mix as well.

Is Canon 500D touch screen?

No, Canon EOS 500D doesn’t have Touch Screen!

When was Canon 500D released?

May 2009
The Canon EOS 500D is a 15-megapixel entry-level digital single-lens reflex camera, announced by Canon on 25 March 2009. It was released in May 2009. It is known as the EOS Kiss X3 in Japan, and as the EOS Rebel T1i in North America.

Does the Canon EOS 500D shoot video?

Canon has just announced the 15.1 megapixel EOS 500D, known as the Rebel T1i in the US market. The new DSLR is a response to Nikon’s D90 — it’s a high-end consumer model which shoots HD video. The 500D shoots at up to full 1080p resolution (1920 x 1080 pixels) but only does so at 20 frames per second.

What year did the Canon Rebel T1i come out?


How do I record video on my Canon EOS 500D?

Easy Steps to Shoot Movies with EOS REBEL T1i/EOS 500D

  1. Set the power switch to .
  2. Set the lens focus mode switch to .
  3. Set the Mode Dial to < >.
  4. The AF point < > will appear.
  5. Aim the AF point over the subject, and hold down the < > button.
  6. Press the < >(Movie shooting) button to start shooting the movie.

What kind of camera is the canon Rebel T1i?

1 Introduction. Just 14 months after the launch of the EOS Rebel XSi (450D), Canon has unveiled its latest model, the Rebel T1i (500D). It’s the fifth generation of Rebel and enters the market at a difficult time – in the midst of a global economic downturn and against the fiercest competition we’ve ever seen in the entry-level DSLR sector.

Does the Canon 500D Rebel T1i have a viewfinder?

As a DSLR, the SLR viewfinder remains the focal point of the Canon EOS 500D (Rebel T1i) despite LiveView functionality. With a magnification factor of 0.81 it is not one of the largest and uses only a mirror construction instead of a solid prism, but it can be used.

What is the EOS Rebel T1i digital solution disk?

The EOS Rebel T1i comes bundled with a Canon EOS Digital Solution Disk, which features powerful software programs designed to extend the EOS experience to the computer.

What kind of image stabilizer does the canon T1i have?

Combine the EOS Rebel T1i with one of Canon’s EF/EF-S lenses with Optical Image Stabilizer and watch your shooting possibilities expand even further. The EOS Rebel T1i has a 3.0-inch high resolution LCD monitor that features 920,000 dots/VGA for far more detail than previous Rebel-series LCDs.