Is Alfred sarcastic?

Alfred’s dry sarcasm has been a hallmark of Batman stories for decades, providing an ego-puncturing balance to even the most self-serious incarnations of the Dark Knight.

Why is Alfred so good at fighting?

Alfred is a an old butler, but he knows how to fight because of his training in the British army. He knocked out a undead person during “Batman: Eternal”. He is brave enough to punch Deathstroke in the face. He also has a shotgun and has no problem killing anyone who breaks into Wayne Manor or the Batcave.

Does Alfred have a shotgun?

This is more fun than whack-a-mole!” Aiming down the sights of his double-barrel shotgun, Alfred gives the Joker a final chance to drop the hammer, but the freak taunts him further, “make me.” With great relish, Alfred pulls the trigger on his shotgun and takes the Joker’s head clean off.

Does Alfred ever betray Batman?

No and he never will. Even though Batman suspects everyone, after living with him for so long he’s realised that Alfred doesn’t have a fault in his soul. If he wanted to betray him he wouldn’t have taken him in.

Has Alfred killed anyone?

8 He killed the Penguin In a confrontation between Batman and Mayor Oswald Cobblepot, aka The Penguin, the mayor reveals that he hired someone to kill Thomas Wayne, but a mugger got to the Waynes first. Penguin then gets ready to kill Batman when Alfred walks in and fatally shoots Cobblepot with a shotgun.

Why is Alfred so strong?

In the Injustice Universe, he took a special super pill that temporarily gave him Kryptonian strength and he beat up Superman. Alfred is a an old butler, but he knows how to fight because of his training in the British army.

What is Alfred’s salary?

Butler Alfred likely charges $30 an hour. If he works every hour every day, that’s a yearly salary of $262,800.

Is Alfred ex military?

During the Silver Age, Alfred was an ex-soldier who fought in World War II, and also had a history as an actor before he became a butler to the Waynes. Other stories over the years have also placed him as an ex-butler to the Royal Family, having come from a long line of butlers.

Who has Alfred Pennyworth beaten?

DC: 10 Most Savage Things That Alfred Pennyworth Has Done In Batman History

  1. 1 He became the Joker.
  2. 2 He beat the living daylights out of Superman.
  3. 3 He shot the Predator point blank.
  4. 4 He was Batman…for a night.
  5. 5 He punched Deathstroke in the face.
  6. 6 He killed a vampire and teamed up with Bane.
  7. 7 He slapped Bruce Wayne.

Does Bruce Wayne trust Alfred?

Batman actually trusts no one, not even himself even. In the comics, Alfred confirms he does not even trust him for buying the wrong gift. Just see the pic. Batman actually trusts no one, not even himself even.

What is Alfred Pennyworth salary?

Does Bruce Wayne pay Alfred?

The first is, “How much does Alfred get paid from Bruce Wayne?” The real answer is that he doesn’t get paid anything, but he has complete access to Bruce Wayne’s wealth. While Bruce is training, pretending to be a billionaire playboy, and fighting crime as Batman, someone has to pay the bills.