Is a C-5 bigger than an A380?

It’s hard to wrap your head around the sheer size of the C-5. The most recent version, the C-5M, is 247 feet long. That’s twelve feet longer than an Airbus A380 superjumbo civilian jetliner. The C-5 was built to carry more cargo than any other plane.

Which is bigger C-5 or 747?

Since the C5 is 75.33 meters long vs. the 747 being 76.3 meters, and the C5 has a 67.9 meters wingspan vs. the 747 at 68.5 meters, the C5 is only very slightly smaller than the 747. If you measure other parameters, the C5 could be slightly larger.

Is the C-5 Galaxy the biggest plane?

The C-5M Super Galaxy is a strategic transport aircraft and is the largest aircraft in the Air Force inventory.

Is C 17 bigger than A380?

If you are talking about the Maximum takeoff weight, surely the Airbus A380 is the more. It has a maximum takeoff weight of about 575 tonnes (1.26 million pounds). Then the Boeing C-17 Globemaster III has a Maximum takeoff weight of about 265.35 tonnes (585000 pounds).

How big is the Antonov An-225?

290 feet
The Antonov AN-225 is the biggest airplane in the world. Mriya’s wingspan measures 290 feet, that’s longer than five semi-truck trailers set end-to-end. Only one An-225 was ever built by the Kiev-based Antonov company, which came up with the design.

Can a civilian buy a C-5 Galaxy?

The C-5 Galaxy is not for sale They are shared with foreign militaries only very reluctantly and never Civilians.

What’s bigger than a c5?

Antonov AN-124 Ruslan The aircraft features a pressurised cargo compartment that is 20% larger than that of C-5 Galaxy.

Are there any C-5 still flying?

The C-5M Super Galaxy strategic transport aircraft, a modernised version of the legacy C-5, was designed and manufactured by Lockheed Martin to extend the capability of the C-5 Galaxy fleet to remain in service at least until 2040. The C-5M aircraft is operated by the US Air Force (USAF).

Can a c5 carry a tank?

The aircraft is capable of transporting a maximum payload of 118,387kg. It is capable of carrying two Abrams main battle tanks, an Abrams tank plus two Bradley armoured fighting vehicles, 10 LAV light armoured vehicles, six Apache attack helicopters or 36 standard pallets type 463L.

What is the largest plane ever?

Antonov An-225
Let’s nerd out over them together. By most metrics, the Antonov An-225 is the biggest plane in the world. The Antonov Design Bureau in Ukrainian SSR built just one of these monster cargo aircraft.

What is the difference between the A380 and the C5 Galaxy?

The A380 is bigger than the C-5A, in length, width, and circumference. Man, reading does wonders. The C-5 is about 8 feet longer… I’d like to elect a president that has a Higher IQ than a retarted ant. RE: C5 Galaxy Vs.

Is there a civilian version of the C-5 Galaxy?

Lockheed also planned a civilian version of the C-5 Galaxy, the L-500, the company designation also used for the C-5 itself. Both passenger and cargo versions of the L-500 were designed.

How many passengers does the C5 Galaxy hold?

Also, keep in mind…the C5 galaxy is a true “double-decker”. The C5 holds 72 passengers in it’s upper deck. Again, my question to a.netters is this: We all make a big deal about the size of the A380.

Is there a cargo version of the Airbus A380-800?

The Airbus A380–800 does not have a cargo version. The Lockheed C-5 Galaxy is a military cargo transport aircraft, whereas the Airbus A380 is a passenger aircraft and the Boeing 747–8F is the cargo aircraft.