How to configure Openfiler for VMware?

1- Open web browser and type https://openfiler IP Address:446/ press Enter Type username and password and click Log in. 2- After the login screen will appear which can show summary information of Openfiler. 3- Select Services tab > enable NFS Server, iSCSi target services and click on start.

What is Openfiler in VMware?

OpenFiler is a free open-source SAN server. It offers NFS, SMB (for Windows), iSCSI, and HTTP file sharing. You can download it as a fully installed VMware virtual disk or as an ISO image that you need to install. Either way, there is no cost.

How to configure Open filer?

To begin the installation, insert the Openfiler disk into your CD/DVD-ROM drive and ensure your system is configured to boot off the CD/DVD-ROM drive. After the system POSTs, the installer boot prompt will come up. At this point, just hit the Enter key to proceed.

How do I create an iSCSI target in openfiler?

Configure iSCSI Target in Openfiler:- – Go to Volumes Tab, Click on iSCSI Target in right panel. – Click on Target Configuration. You will see Target IQN number, Click Add to make this as new iSCSI Target. – Now Click on LUN Mapping tab under same option, and allow Write-thru access to Volumes to map LUN.

How to partition a virtual machine with Openfiler?

You can do this while the virtual machine is powered on (on ESXi, not on Workstation) and Openfiler will detect them automatically. Access the Volumes -tab and select Block Devices from the menu on the right to manage the partitions for your disks. We will start with the first one (/dev/sdb). Click the hyperlink for the device to add a partition.

Why do I need Openfiler in my ESXi environment?

When you have created an ESXi environment and want to work with features such as vMotion and High Availability you will need shared storage in your environment. Openfiler is a good choice to setup a storage appliance to provide shared storage with NFS or iSCSI. In this article I will explain how to setup Openfiler.

What are the system requirements for Openfiler?

The OS type to choose is Other Linux 64 bit . The minimum disk requirement is 10GB so make sure to modify the hard disk size before you start the Openfiler installation. The full system requirements can be found here.

Where can I download The Openfiler ISO-file?

There is also an appliance available that you can download but the appliance is not always updated to the latest version and I had mixed results in the past with importing it into different environment. Therefor I have based the article on installation of the ISO-file you can download it at