How tall is Alvaro?

6′ 2″
Alvaro Soler/Height

How old is Alvaro?

30 years (January 9, 1991)
Alvaro Soler/Age

Where is Álvaro Soler from?

Barcelona, Spain
Alvaro Soler/Place of birth

Where are Alvaro solers parents?

Born in Barcelona to a German father and to a Spanish-Belgian mother, he became multilingual at a young age. He moved with his parents to Japan at age 10, staying there until age 17.

What does the name Alvaro mean?

The name Alvaro is primarily a male name of Spanish origin that means Guardian.

How many siblings does Alvaro Soler have?

Paula Tauchert Soler
Gregory Tauchert Soler
Alvaro Soler/Siblings

What is Alvaro Soler famous for?

Alvaro Tauchert Soler (born in Barcelona, Catalonia, Spain on 9 January 1991) is a German/Spanish singer, songwriter composer. He gained great fame all over Europe with his 2015 hit “El mismo sol”.

How did Alvaro become famous?

Spanish pop singer and songwriter Álvaro Soler first came to prominence in 2015 with his platinum single “El Mismo Sol,” released in a solo edition as well as a separate version with a feature by Jennifer Lopez.

What is Alvaro Soler doing now?

Alvaro Soler is currently in a romantic relationship with his longterm girlfriend and Spanish singer-songwriter, Sofía Lecubarri y Ruigómez, professionally known as Sofía Ellar.

What are Alvaro solers hobbies?

A car designer or race driver. Today, my hobby is still go-karting and I’m pretty good!

Is Alvaro a rare name?

Apropos, Spanish-born opera star Plácido Domingo named his son Alvaro in 1968. Today the name Alvaro is extremely popular in Spain (a Top 5 favorite), and also fares well in Catalonia and Chile. Mexicans and Mexican-Americans don’t seem to use this name with much regularity.

How common is Alvaro?

How Common Is The Last Name Alvaro? It is the 8,261st most widely held surname throughout the world, held by around 1 in 105,695 people.