How much space do you need for a garden office?

If we refer back to the Planning Portal text, it tells us that a garden office bigger than 15 square metres must be cited at least one metre from any boundary. A meter is quite a lot of space to leave around edges of a garden office. It’s not enough space to really do anything with, so I can end up as dead space.

What happens if SIPs get wet?

SIPs & THE WEATHER: SIPs panels should not be allowed to get wet during construction because if water gets into the panels the moisture has no way to escape from the composite structure. This can build-in the problem of mould.

Are SIPs panels load bearing?

SIP walls can bear considerable vertical and horizontal loads with reduced internal studding. The load carried by the SIP is transferred to ground by the OSB skins, held in position by the fully bonded insulation core.

How close can a garden office be to a boundary?

If you are planning to build under the Permitted Development rules and want to site your office within 2 meters of any boundary of your garden, the office must be no taller than 2.5 meters. If you wanted to build a taller building, you would need to make a planning application.

How are SIPS panels joined together?

SBS Structural Insulated Panels are joined together with an insulated SIP spline providing a continuous polyurethane (PUR) core through the walls and roof of the building.

Why choose premium sips garden room KITS?

Our PREMIUM SIPs garden room kits, featuring 15 m2 to 30 m2 of internal space, can be used in a vast range of construction projects and become extraordinary living space extensions, relaxation zones, workspaces and much more.

Which sips garden building is right for You?

A stylish, well-insulated, exceptionally bright SIPS garden building PREMIUM is a great choice for someone looking for a dedicated personal workspace. This exact model features a spacious covered terrace, allowing you to comfortably lounge outdoors.

Where are sips buildings made?

Manufactured in our new factory in Blackburn. We create full kits for our standard buildings and bespoke designs to be built quickly and efficiently. Sips enable us to offer the buildings of the future with cutting edge design. The Garden office available as a kit for the self builder or professional builder.

How thick is a sip garden room?

The individual wall thickness with our SIP Garden Room is 170mm thick which is ideal for year round, leisure use. SIPs are manufactured under factory controlled conditions and can be fabricated to fit nearly any building design. The result is a building system that is extremely strong, energy efficient and cost effective.