How much does Zoe Ball earn?

However, a BBC spokesperson said Ball felt it was inappropriate to earn so much in the middle of a pandemic. They said she volunteered to take a pay cut last year during talks with the broadcaster and signed a new deal to earn a still hefty £980,000.

What is Zoe Ball doing now?

Since January 2019, Ball has taken to the mic for the Radio 2 morning breakfast show from 6.30am every weekday. She is the first woman to take on the popular slot, and filled Chris Evans’ rather large shoes.

Where was Zoe Ball born?

Blackpool, United Kingdom
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Is Zoe Ball still married to Fatboy Slim?

Zoe Ball’s ex-husband The TV presenter was married to Norman Cook, also known as Fatboy Slim, from 1999 until 2016. After 18 years together and two children, the couple announced their separation in September 2016, but they have remained on incredibly good terms.

Is Claudia Winkleman highest-paid?

The Strictly star, Zoe Ball and Vanessa Feltz are among the BBC’s 10 highest-paid presenters. Claudia Winkleman — the BBC’s highest-paid female star, who co-presents Strictly Come Dancing — is joined by Zoe Ball, the Radio 2 breakfast host, and Vanessa Feltz, who also works on the station.

Who is the highest-paid TV presenter UK?

presenter Gary Lineker
The BBC has published a list of its highest-earning TV and radio stars, revealing that sports presenter Gary Lineker remains the UK broadcaster’s most valuable piece of talent.

What is Ian Waite doing now?

Waite lives in Finchampstead in Berkshire, and has expanded his career involving lecturing, demonstration dancing and big spectaculars. He has also made a dance video with Angela Rippon and presented a documentary called ‘Inside Out’ for BBC South following the progress of a young couple from Bournemouth.

How many siblings does Zoe Ball have?

Jamie Clark
Zoe Ball/Siblings

Who is Zoe’s father?

Johnny Ball
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Who is Zoe Ball’s partner?

Fatboy Slimm. 1999–2016
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