How much does it cost to park at Canterbury Hospital?


0 – 1 hours £2.00
2 – 3 hours £4.00
3 – 4 hours £4.00
4 – 5 hours £5.00
5 – 6 hours £6.00

Where can I park at Kent and Canterbury Hospital?

Kent and Canterbury Hospital offers pay-on-foot and pay & display parking. Drivers can enter the site via the entrance off Ethelbert Road, or via the entrance at South Canterbury Road. Pay-on-foot Car park 1: 43 bays – located at the 1937 end of the hospital, directly opposite the children’s centre.

Can you pay by card at hospital car park?

There are three payment options for patients and visitors: At the pay and display machines via cash or card (contactless is accepted) which must be done before leaving the car park.

Is disabled parking free in Herne Bay?

DISABLED parking arrangements in Canterbury, Herne Bay and Whitstable have been changed following widespread consultation between the council and disabled access groups. On-street parking bays will also be limited to three hours free time.

What is pay on foot parking?

The term “Pay on Foot” is a parking industry phrase that describes a time based barrier controlled system. Payment is completed before reaching the exit point via automated payment stations. Or if the application is integrated with ANPR technology, pre-booking parking visits can also be accessed online.

How much is parking at Qeqm hospital?

Car parking charges are £1 for up to an hour, 20p for every 12 minutes after the first hour up to six hours, and £8 for six to 24 hours. Weekly tickets are £12. One regular QEQM visitor said she had found the traffic could be a nightmare.

Where can I park for free in Canterbury?

Here are the roads in Canterbury where it is free to park:

  • Market Way.
  • Forrester Close.
  • South Street.
  • Uplands.
  • The Crescent.
  • Dunelm Car Park (Customers Only)
  • Council Offices Car Park Free All Day – Sat & Sun.
  • Council Offices Car Park Free After 6 pm – Mon to Fri.

Are Disabled badges free?

Your Blue Badge usually lets you park for free: on streets with parking meters or pay-and-display machines for as long as you need to. in disabled parking bays on streets for as long as you need to, unless a sign says there is a time limit.

How can we reduce parking problems?

Below are some specific strategies for increasing parking supply.

  1. Minimum Parking Requirements.
  2. Increase On-Street (Curb) Parking.
  3. Subsidize Off-street Parking.
  4. Add Remote Parking Spaces.
  5. Redesign Existing Parking Facilities.
  6. Car Stackers and Mechanical Garages.
  7. Provide Parking Information to Users.

How do you pay for parking at Hull Royal Infirmary?

Information about parking near Hull Royal Infirmary Any spaces with the lightning bolt icon can be reserved and paid for in advance via the JustPark website or app – which means you have a guaranteed place to park, an easy experience when you arrive, and a less stressful hospital visit.

What is St Martin’s hospital like?

St Martins is a large site with inpatient wards, an older adult ward, crisis team and older adult community services. Free parking – please call for directions to the ward or service that you require.

What happened to St Martin’s Hospital in Kent?

This was further compounded with the relocation of a number of patients from the Kent County Mental Hospital at Chartham, when its new admissions hospital was requisitioned for the War effort. The post war period saw the hospital, now renamed St. Martin’s after a local church, lose some of its administrative independence.

What makes Canterbury’s Asylum unique?

Canterbury was one of the smallest of all English county boroughs to construct its own asylum, with it’s opening in 1902 enabling transferral of the borough’s mentally ill much closer to home.