How much does a Rado watch cost?

How much do Rado Watches cost?

Rado Watches Price
Rado Captain Cook R32128202 Watch – For Men ₹ 3,20,700
Rado Centrix R30934712 Watch – For Men ₹ 1,26,000
Rado Centrix R30929712 Watch – For Men ₹ 1,30,200
Rado Centrix R30554103 Watch – For Men ₹ 88,200

How can you tell a fake Rado watch?

Rado Watch Screw Slots The screws on the back of a genuine Rado will have straight slots; fake Rados usually have crossed clots. Tip #3 is to check the orientation of screws on the Rado watch and look for the correct alignment.

What is special in Rado watch?

In addition to its scratch-resistant and hypoallergenic properties, the modern and innovative ceramic material provides a unique metallic look to the watch. The 42mm HyperChrome Automatic is light in weight and has a radiant sheen, which will not fade away for decades.

Is Rado an expensive watch?

Rado is not just a luxury watch manufacturer; it is an industry leader for innovation. After creating the first scratch-resistant Rado watch Rado Diastar 1, Rado built the world’s hardest watch with the Rado V10K in 2002.

Which are the best Rado watches?

Captain Cook. One of the most popular collections under their house,Rado Captain Cook is a fusion of traditional and modern design.

  • Golden Horse. The very first collection the brand launched under its name is the Golden Horse.
  • True Square.
  • Hyperchrome.
  • Diamaster.
  • Coupole and Coupole Classic.
  • Centrix.
  • Ceramica.
  • Florence.
  • What are the reasons to buy Rado watches?

    Reasons to buy Rado watches Rado is a luxury watch brand with many outstanding qualities. They are widely known in the watch industry for their innovative material uses. With more than a century of experience accumulated, Rado took the lead in using ceramics in the watchmaking industry, thus winning the top throne.

    Is Rado a luxury brand?

    Rado has been around for a long long time and their use of ceramics in watch cases and bands at one time was cutting edge. Value wise they are a mid tier “common luxury” brand that has lost some of its luster.

    Are all Rado watches made in Switzerland?

    Rado was formed in 1917 in Switzerland. The watch factory was first known as Schlup & Co, but in 1950 it was renamed as Rado. By 1960, the company released the DiaStar 1, which represented an innovation in the company. The Swiss company introduced more watches as technology developed.