How much do tolls cost in Italy?

Toll charges in Italy depends on category of the vehicle and driving distance. The average toll price is 9 € per 100 km. You can find the full price list including price calculator at the official website:

What is the Telepass in Italy?

Telepass is the brand name for an electronic toll collection system used to collect toll (pedaggio) on motorways (autostrade) in Italy operated by Autostrade per l’Italia S.p.A., its affiliates, and other legal entities. The system was introduced in 1989.

Where can I buy a Telepass in Italy?

The TELEPASS can be purchased at: “PuntoBlu” Motorway Service Station Company Italy.

How do I pay autostrade tolls in Italy?

Payment by Viacard, Credit Cards,Cash cards, prepaid and Maestro cards

  1. In gates with signs on a blue background indicating 3 cards (Viacard plus 2 generic cards) you can pay toll by: Viacard (prepaid and from a current account).
  2. Prepaid Visa and MasterCard cards.
  3. Foreign MAESTRO debit cards.

How do Italians use telepass?

Telepass users can drive swiftly through the toll plaza, often in reserved lanes of the Telepass. These lanes bypass congestion in the other lanes, saving a lot of time and nerves. All you need to do is register online and the Telepass toll box will be sent to you on the desired day before you leave for Italy.

Where do you put a Telepass on a car?

For best performance, place your Telepass device at the top-center of the windshield. If your vehicle has a screened windshield, we recommend that you consult your car’s user manual.

Do Italians drive on other side of road?

Conversely, driving on the left-hand side of the road usually implies that the driver’s seat is on the right-hand side of the car….List of all left- & right-driving countries around the world.

Country / state / territory drive(s) on the left / right
Italy drives on the right

How does the Telepass work in Italy?

By use of the video toll system TELEPASS you are always the fastest at the toll stations in Italy, because you are allowed to use a reserved lane for TELEPASS members and you do not have to stop for toll payment. We will show you where you can buy the TELEPASS for Italy and how works the payment of Italian motorway tolls.

How do I pay the toll in Italy?

The toll in Italy is usually payable at toll stations with barriers. If you are driving without a Telepass, you must take a ticket at the entrance to the motorway, store it carefully and, at the exit, present it again for the calculation of the toll in order to pay the amount due by credit card or cash.

How to collect the toll with a Telepass?

An automatic collection of the toll with a Telepass was previously only possible for users with an Italian bank account. tolltickets now also provides the Telepass to all drivers without a bank account in Italy. An online registration is sufficient and the dispatch of the toll box Telepass takes place on the desired day.

What is teletelepass automatic payment system?

Telepass automatic payment system is suitable for all those who pay highway sections in Italy are more frequently. It is a wireless device for recording and subsequent payment of toll motorway sections crossed.