How many people think we should change the Australian flag?

More than 8,000 people responded to the Western Sydney University poll that put forward six alternative designs, with 64% expressing a desire to change the flag.

When did Australia fight under its own flag?

1914 – 1918: World War I This dramatic incident took place at 7:15 AM on September 20th 1917. Lt Hull was killed in action three weeks later. This picture was used as a Christmas and New Year’s Greetings card in 1917-18. Flag carried to many locations during the war period by a member of the Australian Army Corps.

Why does Australia have two flags?

However, people were confused about the use of two Australian flags. The blue ensign was meant to be for official and naval purposes and the red ensign was meant to be used by the merchant fleet, but the general public began using the red ensign on land.

What Colour flag did the Anzacs fight under?

The Australian flag’s colour was officially changed from red to blue in 1954, a “captain’s call” by Prime Minister Sir Robert Menzies which coincided with a visit from Queen Elizabeth II. Benjamin Jones, from Australian National University’s School of History, believes the Australian public should have been consulted.

Why are there 6 stars on the Australian flag?

The Stars. The Commonwealth Star is the emblem of Australian Federation. Six points represent the states and the seventh all the federal territories which together constitute the nation, the Commonwealth of Australia. The constellation of the Southern Cross indicates our geographical location in the southern hemisphere …

Is it an offence to put an Australian flag on something?

Thus, it will not be an offence if: an image of an Australian Flag or an Australian Ensign is reproduced on an item or article and that image is damaged as a result of ordinary use of the item or article, or. a person disposes of an Australian Flag or an Australian Ensign because it is worn, soiled or damaged .

Can the Australian national flag be changed?

Most recently, the Act was amended to provide that the Australian National Flag can only be changed if the Flag and a new flag or flags are submitted to the Australian electors and a majority of all electors who actually vote agree on a new flag.(6) The issue of flag protection has been raised in Parliament on a number of occasions.

What is the Australian marine flag bill?

It declares the Australian Blue Ensign to be the Australian National Flag. It re-designates the Australian Red Ensign to be the Australian marine flag. It gives the Governor-General power over certain matters of detail. Finally, the bill preserves the right of any person, if that is necessary, to fly the Union Jack.(2)

Can a ship fly the Australian Red Ensign and flag simultaneously?

No ship may fly both the Australian National Flag and the Australian Red Ensign simultaneously. The Australian National Flag should be displayed only in a manner befitting the national emblem. It should not be subjected to indignity or displayed in a position inferior to any other flag or ensign.