How many hours can you get out of a Mercury OptiMax?

Some go out at 70k, some at 330k, but in general, you should expect 240k out of them. Most with I/O or inboards figure at least 2500 hours before a rebuild. I’ve seen a lot of them with 3500 – 4000 hours.

What does 4 beeps mean on a Mercury Optimax?

Service manual says 4 beeps is an oil tank issue or a gas filter/separator issue. So where should I start my diags? Thanks for any thoughts.. M.

What does 3 beeps mean on a Mercury OptiMax?

3 beeps is a oil alarm.

What happens if you don’t break in outboard?

Failure to follow the “break in procedure” for an outboard motor can result in mechanical failures, reduced life of the outboard and even a voided warranty!

Does Mercury OptiMax smoke?

The thermostats on an Optimax 150 open at 143 degrees. This will cause white “smoke” also known as steam. I bet you will notice this when the opefrating temperature is around 143.

Is a 2006 Mercury Optimax 2 or 4 stroke?

And it is a 4 stroke. So it really has the best of all worlds. If you’ve gotta have a Mercury, get an Optimax.

How do I know if my mercury 135 Optimax water pump is bad?

Mercury 135 optimax idles fine but if I try and go fast the continuous alarm will sound and the engine looses all power even at full throttle. Good stream of water coming out of the engine suggesting the water pump is working. Water is warm and the temperature gauage reads about 150 degrees.

Is 150 degrees too hot for an Optimax?

Optimax temps can vary but 150 is a typical temperature. It may get hotter than that after running on a plane for a while then coming back to an idle. It can reach higher temps under that condition. This is so because a quick deceleration causes a fast loss in water pressure and lets it get hot, this is normal for an opti.

Can a low water pressure alarm get overheated?

The alarm was a low water pressure alarm, nothing ever overheated. The computer was sensing low water pressure because there was some blockage in the small gray line that connects up to the water pressure sensor. The mechanic told me he blew out the line with air, reinstalled, put in test tank and pressure was still reading a bit low.

Are there any engine codes on a Mercury smart guage?

No engine codes, no lights on the Smart Guages. I called Mercury and they said it sounds like the nuetral safety switch might be sticking. My mechanic checked it and it seems to work fine. I guess I’ll have to check the gray line mentioned above.