How many Filipinos were killed by the Japanese in WWII?

During the campaign, the Imperial Japanese Army conducted a suicidal defense of the islands. Cities such as Manila were reduced to rubble. Around 500,000 Filipinos died during the Japanese Occupation Period.

How many died in the Philippines during WW2?


Full Name Commonwealth of the Philippines
Entry into WW2 7 Dec 1941
Population in 1939 16,000,303
Military Deaths in WW2 57,000
Civilian Deaths in WW2 900,000

How many Japanese killed in the Philippines?

The total number of civilians who were killed was at least 100,000. The Manila massacre was one of several major war crimes committed by the Imperial Japanese Army, as judged by the postwar military tribunal….

Manila massacre
Date 3 February – 3 March 1945 (EDT)
Attack type mass murder, massacre
Deaths 100,000–500,000

How many people died in the battle of Luzon?

While not the highest in U.S. casualties, it is the highest net casualty battle U.S. forces fought in World War II, with 192,000 to 217,000 Japanese combatants dead (mostly from starvation and disease), 8,000 American combatants killed, and over 150,000 Filipinos, overwhelmingly civilians who were murdered by Japanese …

How did Japan lose Philippines?

The defeat of the Japanese at Leyte gave the American military and beachhead on the Philippines which eventually led to the defeat of the Japanese in the Philippines and 50 percent reduction of its the empire.

Where did the Americans land in the Philippines?

Gen. Douglas MacArthur and the American 6th Army land on the Lingayen Gulf of Luzon, another step in the capture of the Philippine Islands from the Japanese.

How many Japanese soldiers fought in Luzon?

The Japanese forces arrayed on the Philippines consisted of around 250,000 men organized into three groups. The smallest group, composed of 30,000 soldiers, was the Kembu Group under command of MG Tsukada, which was responsible for Bataan, Corregidor, and the opening to Manila Bay in west central Luzon.