How long will it take to max out th5?

Without rushing you can reach th5 in 2–3 months. Th6 alone takes 2–3 months. Th7 takes a few months since the research work is massively increased with the introduction of dark troops and king. Th8 takes approx 5 months.

What is the max level barracks for Town Hall 5?

Army Buildings

Town Hall Level 3 10
Barracks 5 12
Laboratory 1 8
Spell Factory 5
Dark Barracks 7

What should I upgrade in th5?

Upgrade Laboratory & build the Spell Factory. Build the new Wall pieces (upgrade them from time to time when you have some leftover resources) Build the new Army Camp & Upgrade it along with the other Army Camps to max level. Get the new Mine & Collector and upgrade it.

How long does it take to max out each th?

You will be able to completely max out Town Hall 9 before 7 months including everything. Lab is not an issue.

What troops should I use for TH5?

TH5 means loon giants combo is best.

  • take some arch and barbarians to lure cc.
  • kill cc using 1 or 2 wiz and archers. air defense.
  • send giants towards air defense.
  • then send loons(and cc loons) to destroy other defenses(use healing spells for giants and loons).

What is the Max Elixir collector for th5?

1 Answer. The highest elixir collector level for town hall 5 is level 10! Happy Clashing!

What is the max gold storage for th5?

Gold Pass modifiers

Level Storage Capacity Build Cost
4 12,000 3,000
5 25,000 6,000
6 45,000 12,000
7 100,000 25,000

How long does it take to max out TH9 with 5 builders?

Generally, a player who has five builders in TH9 can easily max out the base in less than eight months.

How long does it take to max out clash of clans 2021?

You will pretty much max out everything as a Town Hall 13 . . . in about 3–4 years.