How long is down regulation for IVF?

How long does down regulation take? Downregulation can take around 2.5 – 4.5 weeks, however there have been cases where patients have been downregulated for a longer period. At CREATE Fertility we do not use downregulation as part of our protocols and so the treatment duration time is greatly reduced.

What cycle day do you start IVF meds?

On the first day of a patient’s menstrual cycle they will typically call to schedule a “baseline” visit for Day 3 of their cycle. This appointment includes an ultrasound and bloodwork. After this visit, if approved, patients will start hormone injections (commonly referred to as “stimulation meds” or “stims”).

How long do I take norethisterone for IVF?

But you can’t take Norethisterone for too long. And you start it on day 16 or a bit later. Very roughly, you need to start Norethisterone about six weeks before your estimated egg retrieval or transfer. You may need to adjust your treatment date if your bleed pattern is not quite aligned to this.

How many follicles should you have on day 5 of Stims?

One technician may count 5, while another might see 6 or 7. As a general guideline, however, antral follicle counts can be used to help determine the likelihood of success for ovarian stimulation and IVF, and may also be used to guide dosing for fertility medications. 15 to 30 is considered a good number.

Do you get a period during down regulation?

Is it normal to bleed during down-regulation? Yes, you are likely to bleed while taking the medication. This bleeding is similar to a period if you started on day 21. If you started the down regulation on day two of your cycle, you might not have a further bleed, or it may just be light spotting.

What is the timeline for IVF?

An average IVF cycle takes about 6 to 8 weeks from consultation to transfer, but depending on the specific circumstances of each the path is similar for every patient.

When do you start cetrotide in IVF?

Cetrotide or Ganrelix would normally be started after 4-6 days after the start of the fertility medications. This shortens the number of days that a woman must take injections.

How long after stopping norethisterone will I start?

Norethisterone to delay your period Take one 5mg tablet three times a day, for up to 14 days. You should get your period two to three days after you stop taking the tablets.

How big should follicles be on day 7 of Stims?

Table 1

Potential to respond to rFSH
Poorer responders (AFC≤15 & age ≥35 yrs)
Median follicle size (mm) Day 4 7.0 [5.5–7.5]
Day 5 8.3 [7.0–10.0]
Day 7 10.3 [9.0–12.0]

What is the timeline for a frozen embryo transfer?

The overall procedure of IVF and frozen embryo transfer generally takes about six to eight weeks. A frozen embryo transfer by itself requires about three weeks.