How long did the British Empire rule the world?

Spanning over 400 years, historians continue to research and discover new things about the British Empire. And today more than ever, people are recognising, questioning and understanding the full story behind this important part of world history. Let’s find out more in our British Empire facts…

Is the British Empire still a thing?

Little remains of British rule today across the globe, and it is mostly restricted to small island territories such as Bermuda and the Falkland Islands. However, a number of countries still have Queen Elizabeth as their head of state including New Zealand, Australia and Canada – a hangover of the Empire.

Are Empires good or bad?

Empires are bad in today’s society because we as a race have slowly grown to value individual rights and freedoms more so than values that individuals centuries prior. Today, the damage an industrial and nuclear war could cause have grown so much governments are afraid of waging wars of conquest.

When did British Empire fall?

The Suez Crisis confirmed Britain’s decline as a global power, and the transfer of Hong Kong to China in 1997 marked for many the end of the British Empire. Fourteen overseas territories remain under British sovereignty.

Which empire ruled the most?

Empires at their greatest extent

Empire Maximum land area
Million km2 Year
British Empire 35.5 1920
Mongol Empire 24.0 1270 or 1309
Russian Empire 22.8 1895

Which empire changed the world the most?

At its height it was the largest empire in history and, for over a century, was the foremost global power. By 1913 the British Empire held sway over 412 million people, 23 per cent of the world population at the time, and by 1920 it covered 35,500,000 km2 (13,700,000 sq mi), 24 percent of the Earth’s total land area.

Who ruled the world?

Empires at their greatest extent

Empire Maximum land area
Million km2 % of world
British Empire 35.5 26.35%
Mongol Empire 24.0 17.81%
Russian Empire 22.8 16.92%

Which Empire did Ivan the Terrible rule?

Ivan Vasilyevich, better known as Ivan the Terrible, was the first tsar of Russia. Crowned in 1547, he ruled Russia until his death in 1584. During his long reign, Ivan created a large empire, made various reforms of government and society, and consolidated power under a strong centralized state.

What Empire did Moctezuma II rule?

Montezuma II ruled over the Aztec Empire during the Spanish Conquest . He was the 9th Aztec Emperor and he led and expanded them to its greatest size. But it was under his rule that the Empire fell apart.

How did Cyrus rule his empire?

Cyrus the Great. Cyrus built his empire by first conquering the Median Empire, then the Lydian Empire, and eventually the Neo-Babylonian Empire. He led an expedition into Central Asia, which resulted in major campaigns that were described as having brought “into subjection every nation without exception”.

What Empire did Alexander the Great rule over?

By the end of his reign and military career in 323 BC, Alexander would rule over an empire consisting of mainland Greece, Asia Minor, the Levant , ancient Egypt, Mesopotamia , Persia , and much of Central and South Asia (i.e. modern Pakistan). Among his first acts was the burial of his father at Aigai .