How do you open the big door in Kotor?

[This door is sealed and there is no visible means of unlocking it.] You need to unlock the massive door by going through the corresponding door on the east side of the main floor, which is accessible by a corridor around the entire perimeter of the Temple, and down into the Catacombs to use the Ancient Computer.

Can you convince bastila?

Depending on your dialogue choices, you will either successfully convince Bastila to return to the light side, or you kill her if you fail to do so.

What are the three primary death giving seed world types?

On the other computer you have to identify 3 types of death-giving worlds, Desert, Volcanic, and Barren.

Where are the ruins on dantooine Kotor?

They are located in the fields beyond the Jedi Council building, and since I’m sure you’ve run into them in our many exploits out in the field, you should have no trouble finding them. When you get to the ruins door, simply go through them and into the ruins itself.

How do you get Star Forge robes?

Star Forge Robes can be created at one of the computer rooms on the Star Forge for a large number of computer spikes. The robe gave the wearer an increase in their wisdom and saves. In the non-canonical dark side storyline of the game, these robes cannot be created.

Should I bring Bastila to fight Malak?

You won’t have to fight Bastila, but she will leave you in this room. She uses her battle meditation to help the Sith destroy the Republic forces! After all, you want the Republic crushed when you take over as Dark Lord of the Sith. It’s off to fight Malak alone.

Can Bastila turn to the dark side?

Bastila Shan tortured. After a duel, Shan was defeated and captured by Malak who took her to Lehon, where she rejected Malak’s continued attempts to turn her. But after subjecting her to torture for a week, Malak eventually succeeded in forcing her to give in to her hate and fall to the dark side.

Who murdered Calder Nettic?

Handon Guld
Nettic was murdered in 3956 BBY by a colonist named Handon Guld after Nettic had an affair with his wife. An investigation into his death was carried out by Jedi Master Bolook and Revan.

What planet is after dantooine?

If you ask me, my preferred planet order is Dantooine (You will always have to visit Dantooine as your first planet), Tattoine, Kashyyyk, Manaan, then Korriban.

How do you get to the Star Forge in Star Wars?

Make sure you select your best party before heading out as you’ll be attacked by waves of Sith and Dark Jedi along the way. As you leave the Ebon Hawk you’ll be attacked by Dark Jedi. Help the other Jedi defeat them and then run into the Star Forge. Head down the corridor to the south.

Is there a light side walkthrough for Star Forge?

Note: This final level of the walkthrough was written from the perspective of having rejected Bastila’s offer to take your place as Dark Lord of the Sith. This Light Side walkthrough, however, is only a slight variant on the events of the Star Forge.

How do I beat the Dark Jedi?

The Dark Jedi kill all three of the Light Side Jedi, and then come for you. They are easy to kill, you should be able to wipe right through them. When they are dead, search their bodies before continuing further.

How do you get to the command center in Star Wars 2?

There are blaster turrets to the west and sith to the east. Make your way to the west to reach the elevator that leads to the Command Center. As soon as you step onto the large walkway you’ll be attacked from both sides by Sith and Dark Jedi.