How do you get capes in gw2?

AcquisitionEdit Achievement can be completed once every year. Collect the necessary materials to complete the Dragonscale Cape. Collect 100 Misty Cape Scraps. Misty Cape Scraps are awarded from Strike Missions, Daily Strike achievements, and Weekly Emissary Chests in Eye of the North.

Where can I buy a cape in gw2?


Item Vendor Zone
Basic Guild Cape ACLM-0403 (Guild Back) Mistlock Sanctuary
Basic Guild Cape Envoy Kahleem (Guild Back) Armistice Bastion
Basic Guild Cape Guild Commendation Trader (Guild Back)
Basic Guild Cape Guild Officer (Guild Back) Gendarran Fields Noble’s Folly Lion’s Arch Divinity’s Reach

How do you get runic Cape?

Info about the new Runic Cape (Strike While the Crystal is Hot…

  1. Complete any of the “Footsteps” achievement.
  2. Buy a “Prototype Harmonizing Mist Loom” From Crystallographer Smoxxi (250 quartz crystals, 50 amalgamated gemstones, 1 charged quartz crystal, 99 995 karma)

How do you get Nightfury in gw2?

You will need to combine the following in the Mystic Forge to make the Nightfury

  1. 1x Endless Bottle of Batwing Brew (drop from Trick or Treat Bags, Opened and Unopened both work apparently).
  2. 1x Gift of Darkness.
  3. 1x Vision Crystal.
  4. 1x Preserved Bat Wing.

Can you dye Ice Reaver Cape?

This back item can be dyed. It has 4 dye channels.

What’s in Black Lion chest?

Contains a guaranteed item, a redeemable Black Lion Statuette, and 2 common items. Each chest has a chance for an extra rare item, including exclusive skins not available anywhere else.

How do I get ember infusion?

Ember Infusion are a type of infusion that can be obtained as a super rare drop from Trick-or-Treat Bags. The original variant directly from the bag will have Condition Damage as its stat bonus, but this can be changed with one of the following Mystic Forge recipes.

How many black lion scraps make a ticket?

Black Lion Claim Ticket Scraps were introduced with the Cutthroat Politics release. Ten of them can be traded for a Black Lion Claim Ticket which can be used in exchange for weapon skins at the Black Lion Weapons Specialist in Lion’s Arch.

Are Black Lion Chests worth it gw2?

If you are interested in the black lion chest exclusive items, elementalist sword, wild magic or gryphon backpack, then the keys are worth it. As long as you are willing to save your black lion statutes, 60 for the exclusive items, then they are definitely worth it.