How do you get 18+ chat on Wizard101?

To enable you must login to and select “My Accounts”. Under the “Account Management” section login to your parental controls and click on the ‘enable’ button located next to the ‘filtered text’ option. Text Chat for players with under 13 accounts can only be turned on by a parent/guardian over age 18.

How do I contact Wizard101 support?

Support Email Address If you have any questions or concerns regarding game or account matters, contact us at: [email protected] . The more information you provide, the faster we can resolve your issue. Support tickets can take up to 48 hours to receive a response and duplicate tickets may slow the process down.

How do you turn off chat restrictions on Wizard101?

You can turn the chat bubbles on and off by pressing the letter O on your keyboard. If you have an account that is over 13 and still cannot chat you might need to enable the feature. To enable you must login to and select “My Accounts”.

How do you talk in a group chat on Wizard101?

Groups can chat on a Group Chat channel that no one outside the group can see. This text will be show in blue in your Chat Window. Click on this icon to chat just to the group. Click on this icon to chat to your surrounding area.

How do you get a true friend code on Wizard101?

To Get or Check a True Friend Code, open your Friends panel and click on the 0101 button. This will open the above panel, and allow you to either Get a Code, or Check a Code. Make sure you give these codes only to people you know outside of Wizard101.

How do you unlock free chat on Wizard101?

Activating open chat is done manually. Log into the website and go to ‘My Accounts’ then ‘Parental Controls’ (you may need to input the master password to access these). You should be able to see the list of chat features available, gifting and earns crowns. If open chat is there it will show as ‘Chat – Open Text’.

How long does it take KingsIsle to respond?

24-48 hours
The KingsIsle Support staff work around the clock to provide service for players waiting for assistance. It is the team’s goal to send a reply within 24-48 hours of receiving a Support Ticket. While we consistently reply within 24-48 hours, the response time can vary due factors that are difficult to anticipate.

How do I Email KingsIsle?

Please Email us at [email protected] for assistance.

Can I get open chat on wizard101?

How do you free chat on wizard101?

Text Chat: This is a form of chat that allows you to communicate with other players by pressing the Enter key and typing words from our dictionary. When you press Enter on your keyboard, you can type words from our Wizard Dictionary, and then hit Enter to say your sentence.

Can I get open chat on Wizard101?

How do you private chat on Wizard101?

Player opens text chat box, which shows your character’s name and what you said along with a history of people who have said things in the area. He right-clicks on your name in the text box. He is able to private chat you.