How do you beat Amorbis?

To defeat Amorbis, Samus must first damage it whilst it is tunneling in and out of the earth. After receiving some damage, the Amorbis will attach itself to a Dark Sphere in the center of the arena, drawing power from the orb to spew dark energy.

How do you beat Quadraxis?

Quadraxis is damaged by shooting its four knee joints. Its foot weaponry may additionally be disabled with the Boost Ball or Morph Ball Bombs to yield pickups, but this will not inflict damage, and all feet will regenerate after each knee is destroyed.

How do you beat the adult Chykka?

Adult Chykka Samus must stun Chykka with Beam weapons (Dark Beam being most effective), grapple behind it, and damage the four weak spots on its back with missiles. Seeker Missiles will also work. A Super Missile will destroy one weak point in one hit.

How do I beat Emperor ing?

Eliminate them to weaken its defenses. Like its brethren, the Emperor Ing is a metamorph. It has molded itself around the precious Energy Controller, and will defend it to the death, using its own body as a shield and weapon. Destroy the tentacles it generates to weaken the creature and its defenses.

How do you get Darkburst in Metroid Prime 2?

To obtain the Darkburst, Samus must manipulate an Industrial-Grade Mining Drill in Mining Station B. To do so, Samus must activate a Bomb Slot to start the drill. She must then quickly use a nearby Kinetic Orb Cannon to reach another Bomb Slot.

How do you beat the Grapple Guardian?

Boss: Grapple Guardian The Guardian looks like a mega-Dark Grenchler, and is vulnerable in the same location. Stay in the safety of the white-lit pillar regions and shoot at the Guardian’s eye. It doesn’t like that much, and will shoot a grapple beam at you.

Who is the final boss in Metroid Prime 2?

The Emperor Ing is the only boss in Metroid Prime 2: Echoes guarding a portion of the Light of Aether that does not reward Samus with a power-up after its defeat.

How do you get the dark burst?