How do I spell manouvering?

The spelling manoeuvre is preferred in Canada and Britain, while maneuver prevails in the United States. Note that the last e is dropped in these combined forms—manoeuvring, manoeuvrable and manoeuvrability. The preposition around is often employed with the verb manoeuvre.

What is maneuvering in English?

: to move (something or someone) in a careful and usually skillful way. : to do something in an effort to get an advantage, get out of a difficult situation, etc. : to move (soldiers, ships, etc.)

How do Australians spell maneuver?


American Spelling Australian Spelling
labeled labelled
maneuver manoeuvre
maximize maximise
medieval mediaeval

What is the correct meaning of the word aloft?

Definition of aloft (Entry 1 of 2) 1 : at or to a great height measuring the winds aloft. 2 : in the air especially : in flight (as in an airplane) meals served aloft. 3 : at, on, or to the masthead or the higher rigging went aloft to unfurl the sails.

How do you use maneuver in a sentence?

Maneuvering sentence example

  1. Maneuvering the car around skillfully, he started back up the road.
  2. He climbed in, maneuvering it through the crowded street.
  3. He ceased walking and gripped her by both arms, maneuvering her to stand before him.

Is maneuver a French word?

manœuvre | translate French to English: Cambridge Dictionary.

Is Emphasise correct?

Both “emphasize” and “emphasise” exist in dictionaries and they are defined with the same meaning. Both verbs refer to the action of showing that something has a particular importance or is accorded special attention. The UK specialists accept both “emphasize” and “emphasise” as correct forms of the verb.

Is Australian English correct?

Australian English follows British spelling very closely but many common words are spelt differently in American English. Despite being spelt differently, the meaning of the word is the same. Australian and American English have different ways of spelling certain words, such as those ending with ‘yse’ or ‘ise’.

What is the meaning of maneuver?

Meaning of “maneuver” in the English Dictionary. “maneuver” in English. “maneuver” in American English. maneuver noun [ C ] (MILITARY OPERATION) maneuver noun [ C ] (PLANNED ACTION) › a planned action that is intended to obtain an advantage: A clever maneuver by the chairman secured a valuable contract for the company.

Is maneuver a verb?

(transitive) To move (something) carefully,and often with difficulty,into a certain position.

  • (figuratively,transitive) To guide,steer,manage purposefully
  • (figuratively,intransitive) To intrigue,manipulate,plot,scheme
  • Synonyms:
  • Examples:
  • What is the plural of maneuver?

    maneuver (plural maneuvers) (American) A movement, often one performed with difficulty. Parallel parking can be a difficult maneuver. (often in the plural) A large training field-exercise of military troops.

    What is the correct spelling for manuvers?

    In American English, maneuver is the standard spelling of the word referring to (among other things) a controlled change in movement or direction. Manoeuvre is the preferred spelling throughout the rest of the English-speaking world.