How do I program my universal AC remote?

Program Auto Finding Universal Air Conditioner Remote

  1. First, turn on the power button of your air conditioner.
  2. Then point the universal AC remote in the direction of your AC.
  3. Press the “Set” button on the remote for 5 seconds, and the remote will automatically start searching the code.

Which remote control app is best for AC?

Air conditioner remote control apps

  1. ASmart Remote IR App. The first app we will show you is called ASmart Remote IR.
  2. Tado Smart Air Conditioner App. The Tado Smart Air Conditioner App helps you control your heating devices as well as your air conditioner easier than ever.
  3. AirTouch.
  4. Cielo Home – Smart AC App.
  5. Ambi Climate.

How do I connect my AC remote to my AC?

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How can I start my AC without remote?

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How do I connect my AC remote to my phone?

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How do I start my AC if the remote is not working?

If you’ve ruled out that the remote is faulty, reset the system by turning it off at the main power, and leaving it off for about 30 minutes. If the problem persists once you have turned the power on again, we recommend you book a service so a technician can run a diagnostic check of the system.

How can I control my air conditioner with my phone?

To control AC with phone, the Cielo Home app can be used, available on the Android Play Store and the iOS App Store. All Cielo Breez devices can work with the free Cielo Home app to connect your mini-split, window, or portable AC to your smartphone.

How do I start my AC remote?

To use the air-conditioner easily, you need to be aware of the functions of each button on the remote control.

  1. To start using the air conditioner, press power ON/OFF button.
  2. Press Mode button to set COOL.
  3. The functions of each button on the remote control.