How do I pay my URA fine?

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  1. Open the URA website and log into your account.
  2. On the left side menu select Payments.
  3. Under Payments, Select Registration, as shown above.
  4. A new Payment Registration page opens and make the following selections.

How much is the fine for parking without coupon?

Parking Rules and Penalties

Parking Places Rules (R2, Cap.214)
Rule No. Nature of Offence Fine Amount
Exceeds one hour. $24
4(1) Parking without displaying valid parking coupon(s) or displaying insufficient amount of parking coupons. $40
Parking and displaying invalid parking coupon(s). $40

Is a parking Offence a criminal Offence?

Most parking or waiting restrictions are treated as civil, rather than criminal offences and enforced as a Penalty Charge Notice (PCN).

How do I pay a fine on AXS?

A guide on how to pay your fines conveniently and on-the-go.

  1. Select “AXS m-Station” from your mobile/tablet.
  2. Select “Fines” at the Main Menu.
  3. Select the fines agency that you are making payment to.
  4. Read through the disclaimer and select “Proceed” at the top panel to continue.

How can I contact URA?

Please select the service you are interested in.

Station Location Office contacts ( Country Code: +256)
Katwe Branch Finance Trust Bank, Plot No 115 & 121. 323444626
Bwaise Branch Diamond Trust Bank, Bombo Road 323444635
William Street Post Bank, Plot 68/70 323443260
Nakivubo Branch Diamond Trust Bank, Ham Shopping 323444636

Do fines go on your criminal record?

Fixed penalty notices (FPN) and penalty charge notices (PCN) are fines for minor driving offences. They will not appear on your criminal record unless a court gives you a conviction because of one.

How do I get a receipt from AXS?

Track and retrieve all your past payment history conveniently under “My Past Transactions”. Receive e-mail receipt (eReceipt) of all your successful transactions. Reminder services for bills payment based on your past payment timing on AXS m-Station.

How do I pay a fine in Singapore?

The LTA e-Payment Services is a service provided by the Land Transport Authority to enable you to make electronic payments through the Internet, mobile phone or kiosk. You can now pay using eNETS Debit (Internet Banking), VISA / MasterCard credit card or ATM Card.

Why was URA established?

The Uganda Revenue Authority (URA) was established by the Uganda Revenue Authority Statute of 1991 and set up in September of the same year as a central body for assessment and collection of specified revenue, to administer and enforce the laws relating to such revenue and to provide for related matters.

How do I find out about my outstanding Ura parking fines?

Find out about your outstanding URA parking offences here, with your notice number, vehicle number or ID number. You can also make payment for your parking fines using the eServices below. Please search by ID number if you wish to enquire on your outstanding Court Summonses and/or Warrants of Arrest.

How do I pay my parking charges when using HDB and Ura?

Motorists are expected to pay the correct parking charges when using HDB and URA car parks. For car parks where the Electronic Parking System (EPS) has not been implemented, motorists can either use parking coupons, the app or the OneService App to pay their parking charges.

What is the URA parking e-service?

This e-Service allows you to enquire if you have outstanding URA parking offences. You can also use this e-Service to make payment for your parking fines. Please search by ID number if you wish to enquire on your outstanding court summonses and/or Warrants of Arrest.

What are the rules for parking at HDB car parks?

These are some basic rules to observe when you park at HDB car parks: Display valid parking coupons, or use to pay for your parking session You may read more on the following: If you have received a parking fine and feel that the fine was issued wrongly, click here to inform us.